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Comment Re:Not bloody likely (Score 1) 349

It's not likely, it's a fact. I work in South America (Buenos Aires) and there are dozens of thousand software developers and companies that work for companies in the US. As with everything, some are attractive because they have excellent track records and some are attractive because they are cheap (they are bidding on their first projects so they can work for lower wages).
I myself ran companies that outsourced jobs from over there successfuly. Large companies like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. even hire people from here to manage teams from India. If there is such a huge outsourcing industry here, the same in the rest of the world must be huge.

I think most Americans believe only a small amount of work is outsourced to foreign countries, but I'm pretty sure most US investment in software projects is not even done in US ground.

Comment Pff, as if H1B had anything to do. (Score 0, Troll) 331

I'm a highly qualified professional from a foreign country and (due to my work experience) I got offered jobs by Tesla, Google, Facebook, etc. They basically offered me to come to the US with H1B, or go to Europe and work with a team there. They told me they are moving several teams overseas to EU and South America to work around the visa limit.

The real root cause of the problem is that highly qualified American tech workers are extremely overpaid, while equally qualified European, Eastern European or South American workers can do the same for less. For many companies, If they can't get H1Bs, they open shop overseas or hire foreign contractors. It's as simple as that. An American worker loses his/her job anyway. Sorry guys, you are too expensive and we are living in a global economy!

Comment Re:Keep chasing ghosts, Americans, wake up! (Score 1) 216

This is not about outsourcing jobs. That's the kind of stories you hear about outsourcing cheap labor to India.
This is about outsourcing contractors, and India is not a common target but China, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and East Europe are the common targets.

Comment Re:Keep chasing ghosts, Americans, wake up! (Score 1) 216

I see it all the time, I also see crappy code coming back and not working. I see my boss looking the other way because you need to be down with the plan to keep your job, anyone ruffling feathers about the quality of the effort being less than was done previously is out of a job.

I see it all, and frankly you guys suck.

That's quite an amazing generalization..

Comment Keep chasing ghosts, Americans, wake up! (Score 1, Insightful) 216

Keep thinking your jobs are lost due to H1Bs, or due to Indians being hired overseas when the company opens a branch there. You are just blind, your jobs are lost at a much higher level because American management nowadays hires foreign contractors, but this is invisible to you. Thus, you can't complain about what you can't see.

Contractors are the easiest way to outsource, because a cheaper price is offered over a proven track record. It's as simple as that.
I run a company overseas that gets contract work from American companies, which recently fired 1000 American employees because they would rather outsource the job to many overseas companies like mine (which are not even in India). Simple Facts:

-American workers are simply too expensive compared with the rest of the world.
-American education is simply too expensive compared with the rest of the world
-America used to lead in science in technology, but the rest of the world catches up quickly

And you know what is worse? Most other developed countries (Canada, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, etc) have a totally opposite immigration policy, which encourages skilled workers to migrate and help their industries grow in exchange for a better quality of life. This in turn takes away more American jobs because of competition, as those countries are less expensive and/or subsidized.

The best you can do is to understand and accept this in the first place. You country still has an excellent quality of life, and your jobs being lost to other qualified people is not something you can avoid. Change your immigration policy so skilled workers go to the US instead, and give them more rights so employers can't abuse the H1B restrictions to make them work like cheap cattle, so at least you are not at a cost disadvantage in the playing field. You have to wake up before it's too late!

Comment Why are Bidets not as popular in America? (Score 2) 269

Bidets ( consume very little amount of water (in comparison to flushing a toilet, showering, washing machines, etc) and clean your private parts more efficiently than paper. They are mandatory in many countries, why not in America?

Comment Goodbye Redhat, keep making the same mistake.. (Score 4, Insightful) 167

I saw this coming for a decade now. Ubuntu worked very hard to earn the mind share of Desktop Linux users and, once it became their preferred distro, it was only the natural consequence that their desktop counterpart became their main choice.

Redhat was extremely stupid to just think Linux as a server business and completely let go the Desktop. They aimed at only being a competitor of old server unixes instead of generating a new market.

They still have time to turn this one around (specially as Ubuntu is now wasting resources on going mobile), but as long as they keep supporting a controversial desktop environment (Gnome 3) and don't care about being friendly to new users (Fedora is nowhere near as friendly or usable as Ubuntu), they'll lose the battle in the long run.

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