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Comment Re:How is that possible? (Score 4, Insightful) 134

It's not complicated. Zero tolerance just means any infraction. You're trying to be clever by conflating tolerance with blood alcohol level or somesuch. One tolerance would be that one conviction is allowed. It's not complicated.

Also, coffee isn't a drug for the purposes of the law in so far as driving is concerned. Honestly, I don't know what you think you're illuminating here. We probably agree Uber is money pit. But none of the other stuff you said makes any sense.

Comment Re:The game is too one-sided (Score 1) 423

Here's an idea: Prepend a couple minutes of ads to your movies, and release them on torrent yourself, in several popular DRM-free formats and qualities. Charge your advertisers according to how many downloads each gets, and do your best to spread them far and wide. Everything becomes available for "free" for a minimally-invasive give-back (the ads) and it becomes not worth the bother to chase down actually-pirated content (which remains an incentive to keep your ads non-annoying), yet the content owner still gets paid.

Not like I want more ads in the world, just trying to come up with a win-win that won't annoy consumers into finding an alternative and doesn't require any new infrastructure or delivery method.

Comment Re:Eletronic fingerprint? (Score 4, Informative) 143

"return the second laptop because the device was capable of accessing Allegro's IT network"

It sounds like they depend on the MAC address for access security, and not-a-one-of-them has ever heard of MAC spoofing. (Or a Pingles can for extending WiFi range to off of company property.)

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