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Comment Vuze is malware too (Score 1) 46

If you are looking for a new BitTorrent client, then avoid Vuze. It used to be a superb client but recently they switched to the malware model. Last update it infected all my broswers with redirecting ad ware. My search engines were all set to Yahoo and it installed multiple extensions. It was painful to remove it all.

I'm not making this up since the company fully admits they do this on their own forum web pages. Well they don't use the word malware, but if it quacks like a duck.

Comment Laser thruster and cooling (Score 1) 340

I wonder if this thing is more efficient than radiating the same amount of microwaves or laser light out the back of a rocket. That is does it derive thrust resonantly with no loss of photons (other than imperfections) or is it a trade of one photon for one photons worth of impulse (same as a laser thruster).

And I also wonder how they cooled this thing. if it was in a vaccuum and power goes in then it heats up. It would heat up indefinitely if it did not radiate somehow. Perhaps the radiation isn't isotropic?

e.g. a selective absorber heated up should do the same thing right?

Comment Station wagon full of DvDs (Score 1) 68

I think what they are saying is they are going to screw with your latency and data rate such that an HD movie will stutter and an SD will play.

Basically, they are going to give you unlimited bandwidth in the same sense that a station wagon full of dvds is unlimited bandwidth. Yes there's a very very long latency but when the wagon arrives the delta function is so large that if occupies the entire spectrum. Voila unlimited data with unlimited bandwidth, very high latentcy

Comment Corporatism and Facism (Score 1) 296

Where independent unions are banned.

Basically when China and Russia gave up on socialism, they created a version of capitalism in the image of what they imagined capitalism to be; not the kind of liberal society you find in advanced Western democracies with their regulated market economies and worker's rights guarantees.

Intriguingly it's almost the very definition of Fascism. Mussolini preferred the term corporatism. But either way it's a paternalistic monopoly on power run in collaboration with corporations for the benefit of the common good. The problem of course is that monopoly on power thing sometimes gets in the way of common good and pateralism. But in the short run it's always produced world beating results. Until he invaded Ethiopia, il Duce's italian miracle in the midst of the depression was the envy of the world. Even FDR sent him mash notes.

SO it's more than ironic that China diverts socialism with Communism then bypasses capitalism for fascism.

Comment Why is this important or interesting? (Score 1) 80

I'm having some trouble understanding why using a commercial product, BluTec copper, in a manner in which it is intend to be used (heating water via unconcentrated sun) is news? When you build a colar water heater normally you are working to not have it boil the water. It's more efficient not to. In fact the article even says they get better efficiencies when they-- get this-- run it below 100c. Wow! alert the media and publish it in nature.

So what they did was create a thermally insullated restricted flow system so the water super heats which is completely expected and precisely what designers expect and thus try to avoid in commerical systems.

Blutec solar heated are made in massive quatitites.

So can some one explain why this is news? I'm being serious not sarcastic.

Comment Most methane comes from Dams not Cows (Score 2, Interesting) 190

According to the estimates of the INPE researchers, dams are the largest single anthropogenic source of methane, being responsible for 23% of all methane emissions due to human activities.

Thus irrigation for crops is worse on the environment than cows.

Comment Breaking the Law (Score 0) 108

There I was racially discriminating, in the hood down town
all inside it's so incriminating picking phones to own
feel as though nobody can avoid my prying eye
so I might as well begin to put some action in my life
Breaking the law, breaking the law
Breaking the law, breaking the law
Breaking the law, breaking the law
Breaking the law, breaking the law

Comment Re:Stop using OS X and their 10 year old computers (Score 1) 472

    At the moment the i386 standa alone appears to be slashdotted as the mirror link is not responding. I'll try it when it's back.

in the mean time i'm still confused about the UEFI versus EFI thing. this supergrub 2 ls labled EFI. the mac is UEFI. I'm imagining the firmware must be hunting for UEFI boot loaders not EFI. SO how is this going to work? I must not understand it or this is only going to work for EFI macs (post 2007)

I did try renaming the x86_64 standalone to the name suggested but nothing showed up as a boot device in the mac option-boot process. (It's the only version that the mirror was letting me download).

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