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Journal Journal: Those Wacky Germans...

On September 25th, I submitted a BBC article on exploding toads.
It was rejected. REJECTED?!! EXPLODING TOADS! How cool is that?

Oh well. It was happening in Germany. Biologists were confused. Blah, blah, blah...
Look it up on the BBC's website. I'm too lazy to post a link.

Later, on October 29th, I submitted a story concerning the German government seeking expanded powers to spy on computer users. Perfect fodder for the slashdot crowd. Strange that it was from the Los Angeles Times, since it had nothing to do with Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton.

Total coincidence that it was another story from Germany. I don't think the exploding toads have anything to do with it. Although it would make an unusual angle for those conspiracy nuts that walk among us. Hmmm...

Regardless, the next day I was ever so pleased to see the submission was accepted and generated over 170 comments. (A far cry from the over 800 comments that my urinal submission generated.)
Anyway, here's a link -

So once again I have experienced that somewhat awkward and unclean feeling that accompanies acceptance from among one's peers on slashdot. Now please excuse me, I need to shower.

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Journal Journal: Tweaked, Submitted and Rejected Again *sigh*

Stroboscope + Dubs = Pimpstar

This is one of the most unusual autoparts I've ever seen, obviously the result of what happens when "Gangstas" and "Hackas" collide: A 26" rim called the Pimpstar which contains (as near as I can tell) six multi-colored LED strips, that when standing still create this cool Cylon/KIT-car effect. But wait, there's more... When they spin, the wheels become full color displays via a stroboscope effect. Using Wi-Fi, each wheel can be programmed to display whatever picture you choose to distract other drivers with. I'll admit it would be more satisfying if this were a homebrew project, but its still pretty slick to see it in action. I guess it just goes to show that inside every thug is a nerd yearning to break free.

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Journal Journal: Another Rejection!

I thought this one was good, I shall resubmit it...
Ever wondered what happens when "Gangstas" and "Hackas" collide? Clearly one of the more unusual automotive modifications I've ever seen: The wheel is called the Pimpstar which contains (as near as I can tell) six multi-colored LED strips that when standing still have this cool Cylon/KIT-car effect. But wait there's more... When they spin, the wheels become full color displays! Outrageously expensive at $12k-20k per set. Each wheel can be programmed individually to display whatever pictures you want to use distract other drivers (Plus, you get to distract yourself trying to operate your laptop while driving. Neat!). Check out the flash video to see it in action. It just goes to show that inside every thug is a nerd yearning to break free.
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Journal Journal: I've Found Acceptance!

It took two tries with the same article, all I did was change the title, add a couple of links to make it appear I did some research and then resubmit it under Science instead of Index and after pending over a day, there it was! Not only was my submission taken serious (I expected more jokes, there are a few), it spilled over into two pages of comments. I'm so proud:

I've been published on slashdot, I can die happy now.

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Journal Journal: Another Rejection? This Seemed so Perfect.

"Tired of arguing the same old issues like Linux vs Windows? Relief is at hand. Choose up sides in the fight over flushing vs non-flushing urinals. The L.A. Times reports on efforts to place the waterless urinal into the Uniform Plumbing Code. To quote: "...the ordinary-looking urinal is at the center of a national debate that has plumbers and water conservationists taking aim at one another." Amazingly simple, the no-flush urinal uses gravity to force urine through a filter containing a floating layer of oily liquid which then acts as a sealant to prevent sewer odors from escaping. Each no-flush urinal is claimed to save over 24,000 gallons of water a year, but the opposition is concerned about the spread of disease. Although not mentioned in the article this technology is in use around the world. Does anyone have these fixtures installed at their place of employment? Are there any real drawbacks? Is this really a worthwhile debate or just an excuse for toilet humor?"
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Journal Journal: Submission Rejected... Twice

Who else knows about your driving habits? Autoweek has an article: "Under the Hood, with Big Brother" concerning those automotive "black boxes" known as Event Data Recorders (EDRs), exactly who's using them and for what purpose (they're not just for airbags anymore). The magazine's testers got a surprise when an OnStar operator called them after they had completed a slalom run. The article highlights both the use/abuse potential and the fact that there is currently no consistant regulation concerning ownership of the data collected. A good overview if you don't know much about this, or for anyone you know who is shopping for a new car, as it appears that different car manufacturers seem to have different opinions as to how much privacy you deserve.

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