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Comment Re:spoon feeding censorship? (Score 1) 157

"They say alcoholism is a disease, but it's the only disease you can get yelled at for having.

Try catching gonorrhea sometime.

Good point....but remember this is Slashdot, nobody here indulges in the activity that transmits Gonorrhea. :-)

I have to use a doorknob from time to time. I swear that's how I caught it.

it's all about how you used the doorknob.

wrap that wrascal....

Comment Re:the real issue (Score 1) 392

aircraft safety & maintenance regulations. all of Germany. all of Norway.

I was not arguing for more regulation of business, I was arguing for fixing the tax code that is currently constructed for the specific purpose of allowing companies to hide their income in offshore tax havens.

simplify the tax code, eliminate the loopholes and subsidies, a fictional 35% tax rate is meaningless when the laws are structured to ensure that no business with a competent accountant ever pays a cent of income tax and in fact harvests billions in subsidies from the taxpayer.

when a company like microsoft or apple "sell" their IP to an Irish "subsidiary" and then license the IP back under terms such that what would normally be called profit has to be "paid" to the subsidiary as licencing fees (which then get washed through the Caymans in a maneuver referred to as "the double irish") and then fraudulently declare no profits on their US operations, that is fraud plain and simple, but fraud that has been specifically written into the tax code due to these companies purchasing congress in exchange for re-election contributions and speaking fees.

Comment and they wonder (Score 3, Insightful) 389

and they wonder why people feel no guilt about pirating music. the BMI/RIAA/MPAA/most record labels are corporate middleman thugs who care nothing about the content they are "licensing" but only about how many $$ they can extract out of the pipeline.

how many of those $24k went to the 4 ARTISTS who's work was "infringed"? probably about 0.7 microcents.

how much "damage" was actually done to those artists by the infringement? they probably actually made money as likely somebody at that restaurant that night heard the songs, was reminded of a happier time in their life and went on iTunes and bought a Rolling Stones or Elton John CD.

Comment Re:fuel weight (Score 1) 81

in theory, if you can land the rocket back on dry land, you can refurbish it and reuse it for enough less than the cost of the extra fuel/landing gear/etc to make it a net cost reduction over several launches.

yes, you are losing some mass fraction of orbital payload, but if the cost savings are sufficient to justify the extra initial expense, then it is a win.

Comment 90+% of C++ deva are really writing lazy man's C (Score 1) 641

90+% of programmers claiming to be working in C++ are really writing straight up C code with the occasional object. because they occasionally use an object and want to be lazy and declare their local variables at any random moment, they end up having to use the C++ compiler and so claim to be writing C++.

what they are really doing is writing bad C.

so, saying C++ is twice as popular as C is incredibly misleading.

Comment Windows 8 = Apple's best sales tool (Score 2) 860

I have long been a PC user, not because I like Windows, but because it was cheap, and Windows was functional enough for my needs (really prefer the fine grained control I get with Linux, but Linux and Laptops have never really played nice.

but I recently bought a new laptop for my wife, which sadly came with Win8. The laptop itself is a wonderful, solidly build Lenovo ultrabook.

Windows 8 makes it damn near unusable. the touchscreen oriented tile interface, the singletasking everything full screen all the time Metro interface all of it is garbage. might be good for a phone or tablet, but positively counterproductive on a laptop or desktop. I had to spend a fair amount of money and time finding and installing third party software to at least partially restore Win7 levels of usefulness

if the next release of windows doesn't restore Win 7 levels of usability, we will bite the bullet and spend the money for Macs.

Classic Games (Games)

Hank Chien Reclaims Donkey Kong High Score 122

An anonymous reader writes "If you can say anything about Hank Chien, it's that he evidently doesn't take defeat very well. Sure, he knew not so deep down that his Donkey Kong World Record score wouldn't last forever, but he couldn't have foreseen that it would have been toppled so quickly. Twice, even. But he also knew that more Kong competition would be coming his way; namely Richie Knucklez Kong-Off in March. So Hank had something to prove, and prove he did. Scoring a massive 1,068,000 points in less than three hours, Hank has officially reclaimed the high score in Nintendo’s 1981 arcade classic."

Comment coverity is a great tool. (Score 4, Interesting) 230

we use it at .

Coverity is the commercial offshoot of the old Stanford Checker that found something like 2500 critical bugs in the linux kernel back when it (the checker) was just a grad school project. the bugs got fixed very quickly and linux was better for it.

that said, Coverity's definition of serious or critical is not necessarily what most developers could call critical (haven't read the bug list, but from personal experience.....)

in any case, this is a win. these bugs are now known, and google/community will fix them within days if they haven't already been fixed (I hope Coverity had the decency to inform google prior to their press release)

Comment where have the high res laptop screens gone (Score 5, Insightful) 1140

why is it suddenly so hard to find a laptop with a good screen?

it is nearly impossible to find a laptop with anything other than 1366x768.

my 4 year old 14" dell has a 1440x900 screen and at the time a fairly high end cpu/memory combo (core duo/1gb). I paid $650 for it.

today I can't get a laptop with an equivalent screen for under 850. nearly all laptops don't even offer high res screen options anymore.

just because you can market a 1366x768 screen as HD does not make it good enough. especially if we are talking 17" laptops.

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