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Comment driver hit the gas (Score 2) 392

If you RTFA, it is the driver who plowed into the pedestrians. He assumed the car would detect the pedestrians and slam on the brakes for him, but it turns out the car did not have the feature or it was disabled. A stupid, dangerous stunt on the part of the people involved, and some seriously dishonest reporting.

Comment guilty (Score 1) 1111

If you RTFA, its pretty obvious Anaya knew he was helping criminals. I don't feel sorry for him at all. If he really wanted to keep a clean business he could have said that he would document all installations and share them with the cops.

Comment Re:Can it be done effectivly without an FPU? (Score 2) 271

DSP with Arduino

What is wrong with this picture?

There's nothing wrong with this picture. The Arduino is for hobbyists to learn and play, not for designing cost effective production grade products. If Arduino users can do DSP on their boards, the more power to them. Note that the upcoming Arduino Due is a Cortex-M3 (32 bit, 96MHz, no-FPU); this thing could do a fair amount of DSP compared to older Arduinos.

Comment Re:Practicality drives use (Score 1) 338

It's easier for people to approach problem solution in a procedural way than it is for them to think about it functionally. And that's why functional languages, no matter how elegant or "great" they may be, will never really break into the mainstream.

What's easiest is what you're used to. The most popular programming system on earth is Excel, which is firmly in the functional camp.

Comment Re:Why can't I buy an ARM desktop? (Score 1) 159

One problem for ARM is that every ARM processor and board has different hardware, and that hardware is in different places. Compare this to an x86 PC where you are guaranteed to have basic components at known locations; enough so that a generic OS image can boot. An ARM OS image typically needs a lot of static configuration, custom drivers, board specific bootloader, etc.

Comment but on which hardware? (Score 2, Interesting) 374

Does the GPL require the source code to run on the same piece of hardware? The OP can't build an run new firmware on his router, but can he build and run it on his x86 linux machine with standard tools? If *that* can be done, is it really still a violation? The modified source code has been re-contributed to society. I know that's not really what the OP wants to accomplish though...

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