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Comment Re:No place for old men (Score 3, Insightful) 193

Zuckerberg's comment about not wanting people under 30 is the default stance of the tech industry.

If that's their stance, that's like athletes, who pretty much retire around 35 or so. If they don't want old guys as programmers, better pay high salaries to young programmers, just like how athletes get paid. So they can retire or find another job when they are "too old."

Comment Re:Q and A Time: What can Powershell do... (Score 1) 400

Bash is good for a few commands. But for complex tasks, you need a decent programming language and Bash is severely lacking in that area. Powershell has a good programming language.

Another alternative, that is also a powershell competitor, is Xonsh, which is Python-based.


Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 623

According to the Tesla apologists, the driver is supposed to turn autopilot on, keep his eyes on the road and his hands on the steering wheel. That means, on a 3-hour trip, he has to watch the road for 3 hours and in case the car fails to respond correctly (like a driver without a driver's license), he's supposed to intervene and take control of the car to avoid an accident.

What is the f**ing point of this autopilot technology if the driver has to watch the road the whole trip? And how much are these shills getting paid to defend Tesla?

Comment Re:karma's a bitch (Score 1) 393

The sex offender Sterling caused his own death.

Nice cop-out. You're not supposed to shoot people who resist arrest, except as a last resort.

What do you think a 300lb felon with a gun in his pocket resisting arrest can do to an officer ?

So you admit there was a good chance of this situation happening. Since they knew he was a felon and armed, why did they dispatch only two officers to arrest him? That sounds negligent. They could have sent in a SWAT team or at least 5 or 6 policemen. The police chief is directly at fault for negligent policies.

Comment Re:Stupid game consoles (Score 1) 327

Nintendo's console is only designed for games. Therefore, they are well within their rights to refuse a competitor's cartridge from working. The iPhone OTOH is a mobile, general purpose computer and Apple has no right to dictate whether some app/service can exist or not regardless if it competes with Apple. This sounds a lot life MS Office vs WordPerfect or Excel vs 1-2-3 and all the illegal maneuvers MS pulled against its competitors.

Comment Re: Unsurprising (Score 1) 441

If the drone can pull 20G turns, it's game over for the human pilot.

It's long over even before the 20G... a human fighter has only two eyes and one brain, so can only aim in the forward direction. An AI controlled dog-fighter OTOH will have many guns -- like pins stuck uniformly around a ball. Complete 360 degrees aiming ability along any geometric plane that can target multiple planes simultaneously.

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