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Comment Re:Only $900? (Score 1) 122

It's a lot of money in China. Remember that a ton of their people make very little. This might be like 30% of his yearly salary, maybe more.

But since he lost his phone in the fire, they are just reimbursing for his loss, which means the bribers are real cheapskates. Customer loss: $800-1000; bribe: $900.

Comment Re: Interesting, Dave Chappelle. (Score 1) 552

A live performance cannot be copyrighted due to the fact that it's live.

The two problems arise under section 1101 of the Copyright Act and the criminal anti-bootlegging statue that Congress passed a number of years ago (Title 18 USC 2319A).

Section 1101 requires "consent of the performer" if you "fix the ... sounds and images of a live musical performance" (which is what you've done in making the recording, assuming it's a "live musical performance"). It also would require consent if you "transmit ... to the public" (which is what your blog would do).

Read the rest of the lawyer's argument here:

The mind boggles at how stupid some of you people are.

No kidding.

Comment Re: Interesting, Dave Chappelle. (Score 1) 552

a performer has no expectation of privacy, which is typically the rule of thumb used when determining if recording is permitted.

Go ahead and record a movie in the theaters with your phone and see what happens when you apply your rule of thumb. Here a movie showing in a theater is a public performance that is similar to concert, except it's not live.

Comment Re:Simple explanation (Score 1) 552

Or someone will upload the video to youtube or bittorent... where others will watch the show and guess what? Fewer ticket sales. If money was not an issue, most of these performers would not mind cameras. But they have to make a living... so no cameras, no piracy.

Oh and live performances are almost always sloppy compared to recorded events meant for mass-consumption, so no one cares about these slip ups.

Comment Re:Ok, we've added. Now let's subtract. (Score 0) 156

Let's subtract...

Let's say a poke go user spends an average of 1 hour/day for 3 years playing the game. That's 45 days spent on a worthless, non-entertaining activity that's played only because "you gotta catch'em all." I'm tired of all these xp-based, grinding mobile games that keep the player playing just by adding new characters. Games should be played for a few months, then discarded.

Comment Re:The cycle continues (Score 1) 193

Step 1: Provide a free service that people like, funded by the occasional ad
Step 3: Increase the amount of ads and start moderating content because now you have to worry about lawsuits

Do you have any idea how expensive bandwidth costs are? That's the reason there are very few video sites. How exactly is step 1 feasible without some sort of revenue in step 3? You don't just have to cover costs, you also have to make a profit.

Next time you want a free service, ask yourself if you would sign up for a 9-to-5 job with a $0 paycheck?

Comment Re:One thing to fix this (Score 1) 210

They need to do only a couple things to fix this. Firstly, they need to just design the phone so that it never charges above 80%.

I agree with you except about the "never" part. The phone settings should allow charging to 80% or 100% (in case you need the extra 20% on rare occasions, like a long trip).

I bet the phone manufacturers already know this, but still charge to 100% knowing that a lot of users will upgrade to newer phones once the batteries in their current phone die prematurely due to 100% charging.

Comment Re:No place for old men (Score 3, Insightful) 194

Zuckerberg's comment about not wanting people under 30 is the default stance of the tech industry.

If that's their stance, that's like athletes, who pretty much retire around 35 or so. If they don't want old guys as programmers, better pay high salaries to young programmers, just like how athletes get paid. So they can retire or find another job when they are "too old."

Comment Re:Q and A Time: What can Powershell do... (Score 1) 400

Bash is good for a few commands. But for complex tasks, you need a decent programming language and Bash is severely lacking in that area. Powershell has a good programming language.

Another alternative, that is also a powershell competitor, is Xonsh, which is Python-based.


Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 623

According to the Tesla apologists, the driver is supposed to turn autopilot on, keep his eyes on the road and his hands on the steering wheel. That means, on a 3-hour trip, he has to watch the road for 3 hours and in case the car fails to respond correctly (like a driver without a driver's license), he's supposed to intervene and take control of the car to avoid an accident.

What is the f**ing point of this autopilot technology if the driver has to watch the road the whole trip? And how much are these shills getting paid to defend Tesla?

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