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Comment Re:one in every home? (Score 1) 228

I suppose it is silly, but it's in response to another poster. This may be a great way to produce ethanol, but it's almost certainly a very bad way to produce room heat from wall electricity. If you think that's a "long list of conclusions" that are in some way questionable, then by all means, let's see the questions.

Comment Re:one in every home? (Score 1) 228

Resistance heating is very energy efficient (when measured at the point of use; there are plenty of losses in generation and transfer), it just usually isn't very cost efficient compared to other available options. However, using electricity to ultimately produce heat in the manor being discussed here will never be as energy OR cost efficient as resistance heating, unless it allows you to take advantage of a *significant* rate reduction.

As you mention, a heat pump would provide well beyond 100% (closer to 300%) effective efficiency in moderately cold weather.

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