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Comment This isn't a victory for Behring-Breivik. (Score 3, Insightful) 491

Someone once pointed out that hoping a rapist gets raped in prison isn't a victory for his victim(s), because it somehow gives him what he had coming to him, but it's actually a victory for rape and violence. I wish I could remember who said that, because they are right. The score doesn't go Rapist: 1 World: 1. It goes Rape: 2.

What this man did is unspeakable, and he absolutely deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. If he needs to be kept away from other prisoners as a safety issue, there are ways to do that without keeping him in solitary confinement, which has been shown conclusively to be profoundly cruel and harmful.

Putting him in solitary confinement, as a punitive measure, is not a victory for the good people in the world. It's a victory for inhumane treatment of human beings. This ruling is, in my opinion, very good and very strong for human rights, *precisely* because it was brought by such a despicable and horrible person. It affirms that all of us have basic human rights, even the absolute worst of us on this planet.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 769

Not the guy you responded to but I use and am a big fan of the same thing.

Doesn't that require a separate filter for each cup?

Yeah, but they're cheap and very convenient for preparation and clean-up.

And a tea kettle or some other 3rd party heating solution?

Yes, but once you know how long it takes for e.g. a microwave to safely get a certain amount of water to the optimal temperature for a single serving it takes a very short amount of time. I know my microwave at home takes 2 min to get 12 oz of cold water to the perfect brewing temp.

Also I know that the particular vessel I use to microwave water has nucleation points which allows the water to safely come to a roiling boil which keeps the water from superheating and exploding.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 769

This right here. Single cup of whatever happens to be my favorite coffee of choice at the moment, brewed to my exact specifications (many data gathered after *extensive* testing), with minimal muss and minimal fuss. As much as I like other brewing methods (moka pot, French press, Turkish coffee, other "hipster" methods...) this single-cup drip method takes the cake for excellent taste and convenience.

Comment Re:Kerbal Space Program! (Score 1) 669

The expansions enhance the gameplay to such a degree it's practically a new game. If you're enjoying vanilla Civ V then you're in for a real treat should you get the expansions, though you might want to wait until they have the (most likely forthcoming) "complete edition" upgrade which contains all the content rather than buying via the piecemeal approach.

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