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Comment Re: Microsoft: bring Edge to Linux and OS X! (Score 2) 135

why you need to download a new os and nuke your settings, which it says it preserves.

the real problem with using a combo of windows 10, visual studio(latest megauberblabla kit), chrome and firefox is....

that it becomes almost impossible to tell if you have actually a virus or some bitcoin miner on your kit. because of the virtualization and shadow copies and other ntfs options and pisspoor firewall defaults and even poorer cert management/verifying, and stuffing everything to run in the services process for no reason at all.

and since ms decided to enable by default all different sorts of ways to tunnel data(for their shitty telemetrics, no doubt) you can't easily just throw it behind a router/firewall either. you have to disable half the operating system after install.

and then fuckin' google comes in and decides to not give an option to disable webrtc on android chrome, so wtf, should I put then on separate networks?

  - and you know what they actually want you to do? buy a friggin MDM solution. MS is to blame for a lot of shit on windows 10 but thats just because they're copying stuff from others.

coming up on next version: pay a software provider a fee that the sw provider uses to pay MS for a license : to install a proper firewall! I mean, samsung is getting away with that shit already on android(yes, samsung provides apis for uninstalling bloatware, adjusting fw and everything on non-rooted android devices, but it involves a license from them. if you ever wondered why there isn't a free working system package disabler for latest galaxy devices then that is it, you need to have an enterprise license to enable that functionality without rooting).

Comment Re:Old News (Score 1) 92

the uac popup comes after. and its an origin popup.

should be obvious.

once its local exe running an actual uac might pop up,.. but actual local already running code can get around uac shockingly easily. because disabling it getting around it easily(by disabling scheduler etc, services) breaks "core" windows mechanisms. and it can still get around emet..

Comment Re:Uhhhhhhhh (Score 1) 50

actually it has quite a lot to do with php. first, executing uploaded scripts just willy nilly. that's one, and kind of a php/script thing compared to something else it(whole frigging) could have been written in.

second, the plugin having rights to make more executable/runnable scripts/executables.

third, kind of a php/scripting thing, for example had it been written in java, javascript(gasp) or c++ or whatever where you could/would do image resizing in memory without external scripts and such.

third, why the fuck is the upload directory("cache" ???) accessible in any way to outsiders? the readable directory, if it needed such, should only have contained the converted images - and even then it would have been better to have them served through something else than just a fucking directory.

really this I guess is just guessing but the BIGGEST FUCKING PHP THING in it would be to execute .php files from all places if you point a GET to it. and that my friend is pretty much a "php thing". suppose it would contain java .class files in there? or .js for node or whatever? or even .sh? it should get just served up from the "cache" - NOT EXECUTED.

"The team at Plugin Vulnerabilities has discovered that the plugin features an arbitrary file upload vulnerability in the "/wp-content/plugins/wp-mobile-detector/resize.php" file.

This file handles image uploads, and according to the researchers who discovered the security bug, it lacks basic input filtering, allowing an attacker to pass a malicious file that gets uploaded to the plugin's /cache directory.

Using this vulnerability, attackers can upload PHP-based backdoors on WordPress sites, something that should have been almost impossible in 2016, after almost two decades of PHP coding and basic lessons in file upload security."

Comment Re:If the NPCs had self awareness... (Score 1) 951

I think the logic for him is that an universe could easily have the resources to make a simulation _just_for_him_.

but would run out of resources to run the simulation for everyone and everything we can't even see or detect with any sensors.

but that doesn't matter because the simulation IS JUST FOR HIM and we're all npc's that don't need to be fully simulated.

he might have based that on observing trump so dunno. stupid anyways. and he hasn't for sure been observing the advancements in games since system shock 1 to today - which are basically none when it comes to being a convincing simulation of a world, better textures and 3d models really, but no breakthroughs on conceptual levels.

like little computer people, the games are conceptually still on the same level logically as they were 20 years ago. or maybe he just wanted someone to say out aloud that computer games haven't advanced in a long while - and that conceptually the tesla cars are the same as the first electric cars from 100 years ago, with the exception of slapping a dynamo to do the breaking.

Comment Re:If we had flying cars... (Score 5, Insightful) 951

thats not the jetsons flying cars. the state of flying cars has been AT THE TOTAL SAME for about 70 years now straight.

70 years.

think about that, dolt.

also I think elon musk has not actually been playing any computer games or simulations for the past 20 years since as far as being convincing on reality aspect really nothing has been happening there.

the guy is an idiot for trying to use the pong argument when there has been no advancements in a long time now already... just slightly faster graphics cards and more memory.

Comment Re: I keep dreaming of the day (Score 1) 112

And star wars was seen by more people than all those combined.

How do they count anyways? Basically this would indicate that a third of all households in usa have netflix. And when 70% or so have broadband that would mean that half that can have a subscription have it??

Also are vpn users counted as usa subs?

Comment Re:Bite the bullet (Score 1) 299

save the planet types wouldn't have one in the first place.

the machines are basically free anyways compared to cost of using the pods.. and there's alternatives already on the market that can be recycled / composted.

however, it doesn't really even matter if the garbage handling in the area is properly done and it ends up being properly burned and turned into clean energy(not carbon free but clean in the sense that it doesn't pollute the country that much). you know norway is already importing garbage....

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