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Comment Re:Much cheaper than the iPhone (Score 1) 104

So it's not that I'm wrong, you just don't like the units? As for being "useless", that's hardly the case. It makes it easy to compare to the cost of various things people do every day, such as buying coffee or cigarettes or whatever. For me, I would much rather choose the phone than, say, a cup of coffee.
And what in the world difference does it make how often someone is paid? Do you normalize every price to your salary frequency?

Comment Re:hasn't apple patched it by now? (Score 1) 71

Probably not anywhere near as bad as Android

Yes, the Android situation is much different. I presume this is carrier indifference more than user indifference. One good thing about the Apple situation is that Apple does not give the carriers any control. And of course the manufacturer control is also not an issue, obviously.

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