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Comment Mine was Scheme, then C (Score 1) 618

Should have been C or assembly. They way I was taught, which is how I think it should be taught, you start with transistors and work your way up. Logic gates, circuits, integrated circuits, assembly, compilers, high-level languages. C lets you see how the language is integrating to the hardware below it. You have registers, heap memory and a stack, interrupts, pointer arithmetic. Python et al are all just theory. C is reality. From there, you can move up to learning high-level things.

I'm not saying C is the best language. I'm saying it's the best first language.

Comment Re:In Manhattan???? (Score 1) 69

No gurps_npc is right. I've lived in NYC 20 years and I think I've driven a car in the city twice. You are right KiloByte that we are unusually into cars; I still drive cars when I'm in other parts of the US. But seriously, the statistical significance of people in NYC driving home from a bar after drinking is gotta be 0. Before Uber there was 0 reason to drive a car home, and you can't go down from 0.

Comment stats show its mostly due to tuition increases (Score 1) 364

$20K to $34K over 10 years averages 5.4% per year. According to College Board data on public 2yr, public 4yr, and private 4 yr colleges, tuition and fees increased from 2006-7 to 2016-17, on average, 4.5%, 5.2%, and 4.1%, respectively. (These are all compounded rates and the tuition/ fees are enrollment weighted)

So the extra debt is likely, due mostly to tuition increases, with public 4 yr colleges being the worst offenders.

FYI - Using simple averages debt went up 7% and tuition/fees 5.5%, 6.6%, and 5.0%. Still close, but compounding is more accurate, since this year's tuition increase is always based on last year's tuition.

Source for college board data is below, but you need to look at the current dollar tuition/fees from Table 4 in the excel data. The PDF and presentation are all corrected for general inflation while the original Fed presentation on student debt, that this article is based on, appears to use nominal dollars, i.e. dollars uncorrected for inflation.

https://trends.collegeboard.or... (See download box in upper right.)

Comment Re:Devil's Advocate? (Score 2) 202

Read this article:

TL;DR "Why is Tesla *SO* special they need an exemption from the law!?!?" Kinda hard to read without getting angry.

Long ago, the argument was that car companies come and go, but dealerships are forever. So you buy a car from a dealership you will always have a place to service it even if the car company goes out of business. That argument sounds pretty silly nowadays. So now they go with "This is how it is, no exemptions for Tesla".

Comment Re:H-1B Workers (Score 1) 267

Developer salaries in the US are high to make up for the fact that they don't provide health insurance or paid holidays? Been a developer in the US for 20 years and never heard of such a job. In fact, never heard of a job w/o paid maternity/paternity leave. At my last job a guy was out sick for almost a year and he was paid the whole time.

Comment Re:A decade ago... (Score 2) 316

Writers aren't constrained by the number of remakes, they are constrained by the amount of original work. Network TV and Hollywood could be all remakes, there would still be more original content on Netflix+Amazon+HBO+Showtime+CC+Indy Film Etc than there ever was when there was just 3 tv networks and a couple movie studios. No, writers are only constrained by the number of writer slots in the city, which is increased by 2 when you build the Writer's Guild wonder.

Comment Re:In-seat entertainment price rise (Score 1) 249

Airlines have started ordering new planes without the seat-back entertainment systems. Given that few people use them anymore, they didn't want the extra expense, maintenance, and weight. Something tells me that Boeing saw this trend and did a study showing those personal devices to be dangerous, and reported those findings to the governments.

Comment Very Misleading Title (Score 5, Informative) 364

The oil industry employs far more people that solar. What this article is saying is, the number of people employed in the generation of electricity from solar is bigger than the number of people employed in the generation of electricity from oil, coal and gas. Only a tiny fraction of the oil in this country is used to generate electricity.

Comment Re: He cheated OTHER players (Score 2) 406

The judge made 3 decisions. 2 very bad ones and 1 marginally good one.

1) The players cheated at baccarat, those winnings are forfeit. This is a judgement call, but yeah I agree this is cheating.
2) The players bet ill-gotten money on craps and won, those winnings are forfeit. Bullshit. Doesn't matter what they did with the winnings. Maybe they owe interest on it but not unrelated fair winnings.
3) The players get to keep items comped by the casino. Bad call. The casino "comp"ensates you for playing a game that they are favored in. They were cheating. The players broke their obligation.

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