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Comment Re:In-seat entertainment price rise (Score 1) 249

Airlines have started ordering new planes without the seat-back entertainment systems. Given that few people use them anymore, they didn't want the extra expense, maintenance, and weight. Something tells me that Boeing saw this trend and did a study showing those personal devices to be dangerous, and reported those findings to the governments.

Comment Very Misleading Title (Score 5, Informative) 364

The oil industry employs far more people that solar. What this article is saying is, the number of people employed in the generation of electricity from solar is bigger than the number of people employed in the generation of electricity from oil, coal and gas. Only a tiny fraction of the oil in this country is used to generate electricity.

Comment Re: He cheated OTHER players (Score 2) 406

The judge made 3 decisions. 2 very bad ones and 1 marginally good one.

1) The players cheated at baccarat, those winnings are forfeit. This is a judgement call, but yeah I agree this is cheating.
2) The players bet ill-gotten money on craps and won, those winnings are forfeit. Bullshit. Doesn't matter what they did with the winnings. Maybe they owe interest on it but not unrelated fair winnings.
3) The players get to keep items comped by the casino. Bad call. The casino "comp"ensates you for playing a game that they are favored in. They were cheating. The players broke their obligation.

Comment Big - Small (Score 5, Insightful) 261

Start at a big company. A big software company. After a while, start looking to leave there and go to a small company.

Why: If you start at a small company, you will confuse the freedom for chaos. You will not appreciate how easy it is to get things done. If you start at a big company, you will learn some big company processes. A few of them are good, most of them are bad, and you will probably have a very constrained job. Then move to a small company where you can actually do stuff.

A prof once put it this way: Work at a big company to learn stuff, then work at a small company to apply what you've learned.

Comment Re: We knew this going in (Score 2, Insightful) 588

Except, Hillary wasn't the only other alternative. Lots of other people were running, who were not corrupt and believed in climate change. And, don't tell me they weren't an alternative because your 1 vote for them wouldn't have changed the outcome of the election. That is the case no matter who you voted for. Picking one of the alternatives and saying he's better than that is not a legitimate argument for him being the best one.

Comment Weight Training (Score 1) 435

Kidding aside, there is no training that older programmers need that younger programmers wouldn't need more. Older programmers' ability to keep up with new technologies already surpasses that of younger programmers, because they're already seen 99% of those "new" technologies before, 20 years ago the first time they were introduced.

Comment Govt hackers would not leave such obvious traces (Score 1) 704

If I were in Russia trying to hide my identity I would first not use Russian computers and second not use a Russian VPN. I would have plenty of bot machines and IPs I could use instead. If I was part of a government propaganda section, I am sure I would also have no problem finding a partner who could speak Romanian. Could this be a reverse con by a pro-Hillary actor trying to create anti-Trump propaganda?

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