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Comment RTFA (Score 1) 140

It's dropping paid dev support. Instead it will become a community run project like Python.

From TFA:

After this development, the NetBeans/Ruby support will become a community project, much like Python support

Netbeans is easily extendable through plugins. It's one of the features I like so much about it. The website even has tutorials for how to go about adding new language support through the use of plugins.


Obama Staffers Followed Palin's Email Lead On Inauguration Day 407

theodp writes "Using Yahoo's free e-mail service to conduct government business was good enough for Sarah Palin. And now the Washington Times reports that Obama staffers turned to Gmail on Inauguration Day to conduct their business. Those wishing to contact members of the incoming Obama administration were instructed to contact staffers at until official White House e-mail addresses became available."
Star Wars Prequels

Leaked Star Wars Battlefront III Footage 33

rambo_ando writes "GameSpot UK journalist Luke Anderson received a tip from an anonymous tipster and Free Radical Design employee today who wanted to show off internal video of Battlefront III , which the games studio, now under administration, has lost the rights to develop. The source, a confirmed Free Radical employee, said of the game, 'it was going to be the best ever.' The five-minute video features gameplay of Stormtroopers, Ewoks, Tauntauns, The Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighters, A-Wings and what looks to be Boba Fett's ship, Slave I — as well as a prominent FRD logo watermark throughout. According to the person who posted the video on YouTube, 'this video was taken in an internal show-and-tell Alpha meeting back in November.'"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Intel Chief Evangelist comments on Linux scheduler

!wintel writes: "James Reinders is Intel's Chief Evangelist for Intel's Software Development Products. In a recent interview on he stated: "If I could get ONE wish fulfilled would be for OS scheduling to focus on processes, and not threads, for scheduling. And demand that processes manage their scheduling of threads. Why? Because an effective parallel program is going to assume, in general, that all threads are either running or stopped. It is messy to write a parallel program when the OS may be scheduling and unscheduling individual threads which are trying to cooperate. [...] There is a lot of opportunity for operating systems to offer these types of control in the "running of applications" interfaces. I'd like an OS to let me specify the 'world' my application runs in (which processors, how many, etc.) These interfaces are available in Windows at run time (the task manager will let you adjust where a running task can go). I'd like to have more global tools to specify and adjust policies (8-core machinerun "only Outlook" here, run applications on these 4 cores, OS only here, explorer here, etc.)""

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