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Comment Biggest Lie: We know better (Score 1) 371

than the people paying for it.

Ultimately software is supposed to solve a real world problem. Its a means not an end. If you focus on writing the greatest, most stable software of all time and the company goes bankrupt around you because you never released and you feel it doesn't reflect badly on you - after all your code was perfect- than you are lying to yourself.

Comment Re:who wants a job, anyway? (Score 1) 348

At some point the rich have to pay the "Dont kill and eat me " tax. If its a choice between living with a tax and becoming lunch even 99% doesnt seem confiscatory. Especially if its 99% of billions earned from robot factories. But even before we get to that point at some earlier point a basic income will have to be introduced as otherwise who will all the factories sell to? There is only so much that a small elite class can consume.

Comment Re:who wants a job, anyway? (Score 1) 348

We could go to the Kuwait Oil Company model. every child born in Kuwait gets 1000 shares of Kuwait Oil Company stock. With free housing, schooling,medicare, subsidized food the living expenses are low enough that the dividend from those shares is enough that no Kuwaiti needs to work. All work is done by expats. Replace expats with robots and you have a similar situation. Of course it does need state ownership of the KOC.

Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 2) 348

Actually software that writes software was the big new thing in the 80s but then in the 90s offshoring happened. When its 10x cheaper to hire a software engineer you can just throw 5 people at the problem and get the result cheaper than any AI software writing software. However over the last 20 years salaries offshore have grown so that the advantage is only 3x instead of 10x and now again software that can write software is coming back in vogue.
The thing which can save software employment is the massive deployment of hardware robots, the amount of software product needed will be so huge and needed so fast that companies will go back to throwing bodies at it instead of trying to build AIs which can do the job. This will generate 10-20 years of software employment. In the meantime cost of living should go down with massive unemployment in other fields so software engineers should be able to have a decent standard of living for another 20 years even if their salaries stay stagnant or even go down (but go down slower than the cost of living)

Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 1) 348

The entitlements could be solved easily by passing a law that only taxpayers get to vote so retirees dont get a vote and then abolishing Social Security and medicare and using the money to forgive student loans and fund free college. The X generation and millenials will vote yes and throw the boomers under the bus. On a family level it will be revenue neutral. yes you will have to pay to take care of your parents in retirement but you will not have to pay for your kids' college. People who did not have kids are so screwed.....

Comment Re:Open Source is Evil (Score 1) 128

You can still get jobs. You just dont earn the same. 20 years back a good software engineer could make 100-200 dollars an hour and have a lifestyle similar to a doctor. That doesnt happen anymore. The salesmen you hate for charging for copies are the one who were protecting the ecosystem with a high barrier to entry. The extra margin left room for innovation. Right now everyone is just running to stay in the same place and new stuff only gets created in college labs or in a few heavily funded unicorns.

Comment Open Source is Evil (Score 1) 128

We are trying to do to movies what we did to software with open source. Reduce its value so much that the people working in the industry struggle to survive. In a capitalist society if you dont pay cash for something you dont value it. We devalued software development by going from license fee based software to open source. Now we want to devalue entertainment by going from Studio funded blockbusters to all Indy movies made on shoestring budgets where the actors have to hold day jobs (Just like those contributing to open source have to hold day jobs)

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