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Comment Re:I don't worry... (Score 1) 335

Yes. They are replaced with 70 years of working at a series of 3 year jobs with no scope of a retirement and you dying while at work. With salaries no longer supporting living and saving for retirement at the same time and job breaks eating up savings and emergency funds retirement is obsolete. Unless you want to move to India in your old age and live on Social Security (India has cheap healthcare which is the main cost for old people)

Comment Re:Govt beuracracy (Score 1) 335

As robots do more of the productive work we have three options - the ot of work workers eventually revolt and kill the robot owners and destroy the robots, the unemployed get employed in govt as robot safety inspectors, the robot owners are taxed at a very high rate and the amount is used to provide Basic income to most people so they can either work on something which interests them but doesnt pay or they can play video games all day.
Currently we seem to be going down the path of option 2 but I like option 3 better. Of course if we are really unlucky it could go option 1.

Comment Best phone to use on International trips (Score 1) 73

Use it on international trips and when you come back and CBP wants to spy on your phone tell them its a Note 7 and watch them clear you immediately so they dont have to deal with it. Alternately you can offer to let them keep it in their evidence locker but if it blows up all their evidence not to blame you.

Comment Re:She'll Never Find Another Job in Tech (Score 1) 904

Well probably because he was letting his hot wife sleep with senior management he had a pass. What really needs to be investigated was was the guy pressured into having an open relationship so senior management cold bang his wife and hence thought it OK to bang subordinates.

Comment Re:How surprising! (Score 1) 904

Because drivers are not their employees. They are vendors who are contracting with Uber to provide services. The engineers are Uber's employees. Just because I hire a cleaning service to clean our office toilets does not make the cleaners my employees and me responsible for their pay. I pay what is in the contract. Its the job of the vendor signing the contract to make sure all laws are followed.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1, Funny) 904

No wonder more and more men are choosing to be gay. And dont tell me people are born Gay or Hetero. Its not digital its Analog. Everyone is somewhere on the scale from 90% hetero to 90% gay. While the 90% hetero guy would never turn to men even after multiple hearbreaks and the 90% gay guy would never turn to a woman even in mediaval Europe (he would just become a monk or priest) there are those who are 60-40 or 40-60. Depending on how hostile society becomes to hetero relationships and accepting of homo relationships more and more people will choose to go the gay way. Its way less complicated (men understand men much better than women). With how hostile Silicon Valley or ManJose has become to men (the lopsided men-women ratio makes dating really difficult) I would say event the 70-30 or 80-20 are temptem to act upon their 30 and 20 natures.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 511

Wasnt that what Ahmedijinad say about Israel? Jews are wonderful people but the current regime in Israel is racist and needs to be removed.

  It was spun by the media that he said Israel needs to be destroyed.

What makes you think the Trump friendly media like Breitbart and Fox would not spin any such statement into foreign leaders threatening USA?

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