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Comment Re:They don't want to lose a potential market (Score 1) 118

First of all India's major expot is not IT services. It is people. India exports people and the people send back remittances for their families which is the largest fraction of incoming foreign exchange into India.
India has a large and young population and needs mass manufacturing to move from a developing to a newly developed country like China has. The total size of the software industry is 1 million people in India. That cannot be the solution when you need to find jobs for a 100 million. Manufacturing is the only solution so it would be national suicide to allow imports of stuff that can be manufactured locally.

Comment Re:Imagine if Trump announced that (Score 1) 118

If I could have a middle class life with high school education and a stress free manufacturing job why would I go into professions and deal with all the mental stress of college and professional career? One cannot expect to have the same standard of life by being less smart and less hardworking. No amount of Unions will ever change that.

Comment Re:Except they didn't. (Score 1) 455

Its not a rare language. After Hindi, English,Bengali its the 4th most spoken language in India. Also the largest number of low cost offshore programmers are either Telugu speaking or Kannada speaking. Of course everyone speaks English as all technical education is in English in India. Point is there are ways to set up requirements for what you want. Well you don't like the language requirement. How about a requirement having experience working with teams in different time zones. Only employees and clients of offshoring companies would have the experience of a daily 9 PM phone call. You couldn't say it is extraneous to the job , in fact its critical for a successful off-shored team. You can ask for many other things. At the end of the day its a capitalist society and in a capitalist society govt. cannot tell business who to employ or who to give their business to. You want central planning with employment for all there is this nice tropical island off the coast of Florida with free medical care. I heard there are direct flights now.

Comment Re: Except they didn't. (Score 1) 455

Good for you. Your situation is not the typical situation.
Classmate of mine is a CEO of a startup with a valuation of 10 Billion. I dont ask my manager to match my salary to match his.
For the skills and experience we are hiring for there is a competitive market and the salary range I specified is the market range.

Comment Re: Basic small-government argument. (Score 1) 357

You do not argue with the officer. You take your ticket which is after all only an accusation not a conviction. You go to the traffic office and plead not guilty. Go to walk in arraignment and plead not guilty ask for a speedy trial and then send off a letter to the DA's office asking for the survey. Turn up for your trial date and the commisioner will dismiss your case. It needs you to turn up twice and spend 2 hours each time but it may be worth getting a 400 dollar ticket dismissed. I have done it myself. In fact if I was really speeding I would probably pay the ticket but what got me really irritated was I was on a highway with overpasses and the cop got me coming down a slope when the car tends to accelerate by itself and got me for 67 on grade separated 8 lane (4 each way) highway. 55 was a ridiculously low speed limit for an 8 lane road. So I fought it and won. Probably thought I was a tourist who would just pay up as it was middle of the day and not the typical rush hour. Didnt know I was just going back to office after attending a School conference meeting at my sons school. This was my locality and it was barely 5 min drive for me to go to the traffic court. I could just popin twice before work so no hassle to get it dismissed.

Comment Re: Basic small-government argument. (Score 1) 357

I just used the defense last month for a ticket of going 67 in a stretch marked 55 (ridiculously so since its a grade separated 8 lane highway). I didnt even have to speak a word. All I did was send a registered delivery proof required letter to the DA's office asking for the survey a week before trial date. On trial day the Officer turned up and told the traffic commisioner they dont have a survey and the commisioner dismissed the charge.

Comment Re:Certification Standards (Score 1) 357

The whole concept of a corporation is that the Govt. is indemnifying the owners from being sued directly and only the corporation can be sued for crimes committed by the corporation. Any company complaining against govt regulation is just hypocricy as a company couldnt exist without govt regulation (unless its a sole proprietership)

Comment Re: Declare sanctuary! (Score 1) 357

Illegal immigrants are still prosecuted for breaking the law in San Francisco especially for driving without a license (This is why California grants driving licenses to illegal Immigrants. To make sure everyone driving has given a Driving license test). All a sanctuary city means is that when an illegal immigrant is released after serving their sentence the Cops dont call INS to come pick them up for deportation.

Comment Re:Who needs Uber? (Score 1) 357

Uber is a mega con . It has always lost money and will always lose money. The only reason it is still getting funded is with a 0% rate environment pension funds are putting Mom and Pop's pension money in the hands of VCs and VCs have so much money they are desperate to fund something anything even something loss making as long as it is scalable. They do not have the mental badwidth to handle a 1000 1 million dollar investments as they are trying to deploy billions in pension money. As long as its a scalable enterprise they can justify a 100 million investment. In the valley right now you dont need to make money you just need to show your idea is scalable and you will get funded. Its 2000 all over again and they are playing with cheap pension money and when the Pensions go bankrupt the govt meaning you and me Joe taxpayer will have to pick up the bill through the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation. So doesnt matter whether you use Uber or not your dollars are going to pay for it either through your pension money or through your taxes.

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