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Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: Roleplaying with Kids

/. covered board games and computer games, time to tackle social games-- RPGs. The issue is which online or tabletop RPGs are elementary-school age friendly. 'Roleplaying with Kids' recommends the free Shadows RPG and print book Faery's Tale for tabletop RPGs. The Young Person's Adventure League lists most RPGs, but doesn't yet specify age levels. Online, Puzzle Pirates is my suggestion for young-kid friendly, in part due to a shortage of 'noob-forgiving' MMORPGs. The RPGs for Kids page lists enough that it should be subtitled 'Great Kid-Friendly Games No One Has Heard Of'.

So, given the target of a current non-solo RPG, either online or tabletop, for the just-started-reading elementary school child, allowing interaction or parallel play with an adult, does that define an underserved market or a non-existent market? I'm curious what other parent or teacher stances are on this.

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