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Comment Re:I work for a public school district (Score 5, Informative) 208

I do as well. We've been able to save TONS by purchasing off-lease systems at 10 cents on the dollar WITH 3 year warranties. The bigger issue is that the wrong person is selecting and specifying technology purchases. Talk to the Supt or CBO. And yes try to make them look good, if you can. All computer, networking, AND software purchase should have to pass through the IT dept for evaluation. To not do so is foolish at best.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 538

The cloud is the new shiny hotness. Has a very low barrier to entry, it's relatively easy to get started. And the powers that be get a nice shiny new bit of jargon to toss about at meetings. Now for the negatives. While there's a low barrier to entry, there's a very high barrier to exit. If the service starts to have issues, what's the exit strategy? What recourse do you have if they raise their prices, change the EULA/SLA? Can you get your data out and easily move to another provider or move it in-house? Does it play nice with your internal environment (LDAP, Single Sign-on)? What if the service goes down? There are some serious business continuity issues that rarely get addressed. These are questions the check writers seem to fail to ask. Instant gratification, but potentially long term pain. They just want to solve an immediate problem without taking long-term consideration. Human nature. "Here you go! We bought this this new shiny cloudy thingy... now make it work." On the bright side, if the cloud drops a deuce, kinda not our problem. We tried to warn you, but you did it anyway, and it negatively impacted business. Now an internal cloud... That's cool.

Comment More Adobe bloatware? I think not (Score 1) 98

After going through the hell that is deploying adobe software (Acrobat Pro), no fecking way. They appear to be operating under the delusion that we all have unlimited disk space, RAM, and bandwidth. 1.5gb? Seriously???? And their patching "strategy" (msp fiels ina very specific order. Have to start back at the .0 rev and patch your way forward) is one of the biggest clusterfucks I've come across in recent memory. There are far better alternatives out there, more efficient, less expensive.

Comment This is not that unusual (Score 1) 375

Schools, like it or not, are having to assume responsibility, or have it forced upon them, by the kid's parents who AREN'T taking responsibility along with socienty at large. Lots of responsibility, minimal authority. So they go all risk-management over stuff like this, weld the baby to the bathwater, and over the side it goes. All about image, and the school board (or their counsel) likely is afraid of being accused of doing nothing. Interestingly, the school is not at all mentioned in the video. They definitely stepped over a line here.

Comment Re:Wait till end of Q1 2011 (Score 1) 396

Obviously Android IS Linux, but it's not a full blow Linux distro, and that is what you were talking about. Even standard, non-rooted Android doesn't dictate what you can or can not run on it though. Your complaints all seem to be iPhone complaints, maybe you should give Android a try before deciding you wouldn't want it on a tablet.

Actually I would prefer android over iPhone. But the freedom to install software that may not be approved by the vendor or service provider is critical, and if I choose to install a full distro I want to be able to do that. I don't want to pay for the privilege of being stuck in someone's restrictive silo.

Comment Re:Wait till end of Q1 2011 (Score 1) 396

Actually, if I spent the money for a tablet what I would want to do with it is run applications that were designed to work properly with a tablet. So no, a full blown Linux distro wouldn't let me do that. OTOH, a regular rooted Android install would fit the bill nicely.

1) Android IS Linux. 2) Doesn't mean you cannot run tablet apps. I for one do not want to have the vendor or service provider able to dictate to me what I can or cannot run on the device that I paid for, or how I chose to do so. I have an iPhone. It's ok, but requiring a computer program to manage it that is not cross-platform. There'd be no windows version if Steve thought he wouldn't lose revenue. Every app has to pass through the apple sphincter.

Comment Re:Volcanos: not responsible for warming, sorry (Score 0) 875

"Checking the numbers" only works on those whose minds are open enough to step outside the comforting, narrative-supporting cocoon of Fox News and question the notion that everything that challenges your assumptions is part of the conspiracy. And even well-educated, otherwise mentally-capable people can be imprisoned by that narrative, because it's comforting.

I'm just kinda glad you don't have an agenda or anything.

Comment Re:Indeed it is a problem (Score 0) 904

Of course you don't. You don't "need" it in Windows, either. But having it is a lot more convenient for people like the submitter than not having it, and if Linux wants to get more copies in the enterprise, they should figure out some standardized way of emulating it.

What I was getting at is that all the tools are already there. For people who need "point and click and shiny", yes I would agree, but there's so much more flexibility and control with the tools that do exist in *nix, that at least IMO emulating windows technology is just going to be too restrictive. Once one is willing to explore just a little bit, the power in unix is quite breathtaking, esp when compared to what you get with windows. Yeah, there's a learning curve, but it's not too bad.

From a practical perspective, a spreadsheet is a database. Just not a relational one.

okay, technically speaking, that's true. let me put it another way. Like windows, spreadsheets have a shallow learning curve, but do not scale very well. To do anything serious, you will quickly abandon the former for the latter.

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