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Submission + - mininova authors lauch new version of youtube

gerrysteele writes: The authors of mininova have launched a new youtube like video sharing site called which one assumes won't quite suffer from the copyright issues of the corporate version. From the FAQ:

Snotr is a source for short and funny or interesting videos. Everyone can submit a video, which will be reviewed by our team. If we accept your video, it will be listed on the front page and other pages.

Submission + - HD and Bluray will not operate on some Vista PCs

gerrysteele writes: The Times,,204 11-2536050,00.html is carryng an article about how Vista + rights restrictions with HD-dvd and Bluray will be bad for consumers and will leave them unable to legally play the disks that they paid for:

"in an interview with The Times, one of its chief architects said that because of anti-piracy protection granted to the Hollywood studios, Vista would not play HD-DVD and Blu-ray Discs on certain PCs.Virtually none of the PCs that use a digital connection have HDCP. Its up to the content providers to set the level of protection that Vista applies, but theyre likely to be pretty firm on the need to use high-definition content protection [HDCP] when using a digital connection, Mr Marsh said. At the moment HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs certainly require such protection. "

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