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The Media

Submission + - mininova authors lauch new version of youtube

gerrysteele writes: The authors of mininova have launched a new youtube like video sharing site called which one assumes won't quite suffer from the copyright issues of the corporate version. From the FAQ:

Snotr is a source for short and funny or interesting videos. Everyone can submit a video, which will be reviewed by our team. If we accept your video, it will be listed on the front page and other pages.

Submission + - What Bosses should know: software requirements

Esther Schindler writes: " asked developers to name the ONE thing that they wished the CIO understood about software requirements. The summary is several pages long, but it pulls no punches: from the role of requirements, to defining who creates the requirements (and in how much detail), to the need to shake the boss to get him to understand that requirements change, to paying attention to the process. It's all here, in Five Things CIOs Should Know About Software Requirements, with a few dozen developer's voices loud and clear. For instance, one developer comments, "The CIO has to realize that if there is no bad news, there is something very wrong. Smiling people nodding 'Yes' in meetings is not a sign of great intelligence at work.""

Submission + - LinuxBIOS with X Server Inside

acassis writes: "LinuxBIOS is a BIOS replacement. You can use it to start Linux from Hard Disk or even using Linux inside BIOS flash. This work show LinuxBIOS with Linux and graphic mode inside the BIOS flash. There is used a tiny X Server known as Kdrive (formely tinyx). The graphic mode and window manager (MatchBox) starts in 8s.
See yourself:
More info about this system: =LinuxBIOS_Graphical"

Submission + - Wil Wheaton Reviews Linux Music Players

An anonymous reader writes: In his weekly "Geek in Review" Wil Wheaton of Star Trek fame takes a look at music on Linux:

While Linux is still not entirely ready for people like my parents, it's really matured over the years, and in many cases it "just works" [...] In fact, Linux has grown up so much and so well, today I can devote an entire column to some of the cooler media players available to Linux users.
The result?

Amarok is much more than just another music player or iTunes clone; in fact, it blows iTunes away. It is Kryptonite to iTunes Superman. It's the Death Star to iTunes' Alderaan. It's — well, I guess I should tell you why it's so great, huh?
The Internet

Submission + - BBC invented a time machine

An anonymous reader writes: According to the Internet archive BBC invented a time machine on 9/11. They seem to have broadcasted information about WTC tower 7 collapse 26 minutes in prior to its actual collapse. Richard Porter, Head of news in BBC, seems to partially confirm the story .

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