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Comment Re:The biggest downside: (Score 1) 53

That's getting to be old news. I do remember those days, but lately they seem to have upped their game.My sister bought her kids mid-range Dell Inspiron laptops for university three years ago and they're still running. My work computer is a dell box with 16GB and an I7 and it hasn't so much as hiccuped in two years. As always, YMMV.

Comment Missing Option - Stenographer (Score 4, Interesting) 192

This took place in the olden days, before there were laptops. For our basic circuits class (the one that separated the EEs from the wannabes) a group of us hired a stenographer to take notes. We talked the prof into giving permission, on the sensible basis that if we weren't copying notes just as fast we could to keep up, then we could actually pay attention to the lecture. I think he got a copy of the notes as well. Cost us all about a dollar a lecture and the stenographer made about $40 an hour, which was a pile of money in those days.

Comment Kindle Paperwhite hard to beat (Score 1) 88

I have a 3 year old kindle paperwhite. Cost a 100 $. It holds more books than I can read in 6 months. The e-ink is easy on my eyes, I can read in bright sunshine or pitch blackness. The battery lasts about a week with moderate backlight use. It's thin and light enough. I'm really not sure what this new kindle could do better. Maybe get rid of the bezel, leave the screen the same size and it would be a little more pocket friendly. I honestly can't see anything that would compel me to buy a new kindle anytime soon.

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