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Comment Re:So I'm going to be the grouchy old man here... (Score 2) 632

Sounds familiar.
1981 - Two years before I graduate from Electrical Engineering - Big recruiting fair on campus - Most of the grad class has a job offer by end of January. Some kids put downpayment on houses or cars.
1983 - The year I graduate - Huge Recession - Nobody is hiring - No recruiting fair - 3 of 200 kids in my EE class have jobs by graduation. I ended up with a not quite engineering job that was a repeat of my previous summer job. It took over a year before most of my class found jobs.

Comment Re:better idea (Score 2) 128

My buddy Andy did the "write exams for other people" thing. He wrote the English 100 final exam about 10 times. Of course they check ID. The always did. You left your student card on your desk and while you were writing someone would walk up and down the rows checking ID. The thing is, Andy was Han Chinese, about 5'6" with medium length dark hair and glasses, so he looked like every second guy at the Uni who was writing the test.

Comment Re:Neither software nor engineering (Score 1) 115

You beat me to it. Around here the real engineers guard their title quite ferociously. Unless you are currently licensed to practice, you had best not be caught using the "e-word". I never could understand why someone would want to claim they were something that they weren't. Sort of like the sad bastards that claim to veterans when they've never served.
You can now get a degree in Software Engineering here but I understand it is basically an electrical engineering degree with a specialization in software. A regular Computer Science degree is not the same thing.

Comment Re:The biggest downside: (Score 1) 53

That's getting to be old news. I do remember those days, but lately they seem to have upped their game.My sister bought her kids mid-range Dell Inspiron laptops for university three years ago and they're still running. My work computer is a dell box with 16GB and an I7 and it hasn't so much as hiccuped in two years. As always, YMMV.

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