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Journal Journal: Controlled Quantum Levitation Used To Build Wipeout Track

Researchers at the Japan Institute of Science and Technology have build a miniature wipE'out" track using high temperature superconductors and quantum levitation. Right now this is fundamental research, but in the future large scale transportation systems could be build with technology akin to this.

I have a different vision: let Nintendo sell this as an accessory for the Wii U. I'd buy several of these tracks, let the gliders race through the whole house and track them on our TV!

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Journal Journal: LibGeoDecomp: an Auto-parallelizing Stencil Code Library

LibGeoDecomp is a C++ class template based library which provides a smooth transition for researchers to port their existing stencil based simulation codes to parallel computers -- from multi-cores to MPI clusters and GPGPUs. In a nutshell, one only has to replace the accesses to neighboring elements by the library functions and let LibGeoDecomp handle the main time and space loops. Essentially the library takes over the parallel programming part, which can be of great help for scientists who'd rather focus on the physics (or chemistry or what ever) part of their research and less on the computer science required to carry it out.
  It's currently in alpha state, but is already being used for medium sized simulations requiring 200 GB of RAM and prodicind 2 TB of output data.

DISCLAIMER: yes, this this my PhD project, so I'm biased.

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Journal Journal: One Step Closer to Mind-Reading Machines

Researchers at Berkeley have come up with a brain model to reconstruct what you are seeing, using only fMRI measurements and a library of YouTube clips. Possible future uses could be to visualize what comatose or blind patients are seeing, or even to record dreams. Looks like just another one of William Gibson's predictions have come true (after e.g. the Cyberspace). The videos (2nd video, paper) are still blurry, but it's frightening to imagine what could be done with a more precise model and a stealthy fMRI. Ladies and gentlemen: don your tin foil hats!"

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