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Comment Re:I think it's pretty obvious (Score 1) 114

Most people don't. We currently have a conservative democrat and a liberal republican running this term.
The liberal vs conservative is about trying to intact change vs keeping things as they are. Democrats vs republicans are roughly divided in larger central government vs smaller decentralized governments (both with a set of social goals)
Trump is trying to change everything into his own image (IMO a scarry world). Vs Clinton will try to conserve the progress we had made without too much drastic progress.
Clinton may not be progressive but Trump is regressive.

Comment Re:I think it's pretty obvious (Score 1) 114

Snowden did what he did because what he saw was wrong. Wiki leaks did what they do just because that want to stick it to the man. As for those trumped charges I feel that may not be so trumped. There is a personality that wants to be aggressive and focused on what he want with little to no value on the consequences. That personality type is ripe for causing other crimes.
Still with all this stuff I don't see the US other than a few ranting house members really caring much about Assange they got Manning who stole the data she was the criminal against the US Assange just reposted it, just as how many of the US news companies then covered was was leaked. He just thinks that America is out to get him. While his only warrent for arrest is from Sweeden for rape charges.

Comment Re:What the hell? $600K? (Score 1) 54

Just the accounting you'd need to sell the thing to the government would cost you $100K. Oh, and you'd have to pay yourself or someone else to take part in the bidding process or apply for the granted, and that has to be recouped as part of the sale cost. Er... you were planning on paying yourself for your time, weren't you?

Also, there's a big difference between building a prototype from junk you scrounged and building a reproducible product. When you build a product the second copy should be exactly the same as the first but cost less. Duplicating a one-off prototype exactly usually costs more. Why? Proof of concept prototypes are cheap because you make them with surplus stuff you have lying around or can buy for fractions of a penny on the dollar. You can be opportunistic. The problem is any particular set of opportunities (e..g the $10,000 assembly you picked up at auction for $50) aren't reproducible.

I had a colleague whose first job out of school was writing up a detailed specification for a prototype midget submarine a defense research lab built for the Navy. The Navy was pleased at the low cost and so they wanted to be able to build a second one just like it. Well it turned out that a second one would have cost a hundred times as much they'd have had to pay manufacturers to reverse engineer stuff or start up production lines. It was one of the pointless, futile tasks you dump on newbie engineers before you know you can trust their work.

Comment Re:Basic Journalism... (Score 2, Insightful) 114

That's an asinine argument. Other people who should do it don't do it, so I won't do it either.

Wikileaks won't do it because Assange is a chaos-monger posing as a crusader. Wikileaks should do curate its leaks because when you possess information you act responsibly with it, e.g., don't expose people it is about to identity fraud.

Comment Re:Router Failure? (Score 1) 91

Well how many institutions actually have a proper IT Infrastructure?
Having a company having to embarrassingly show their inadequacies when a problem effects customers should be public. Because if their value in their IT systems is so low should we trust them with their data? Also being self serving: That embarassment will make sure they hire more staff and put more money in IT funding.

Comment Pretty lame as far as scandal material goes. (Score 2) 174

If you want to see Democrats sniping at each others' candidates or complaining about what the party's up to, just go on any Democratic blog.

It's not a scandal. It's not a secret. It's not even a problem -- not even when people get hot under the collar and start acting like assholes. George Washington was elected unanimously by the Electoral College, but in every election since then politics has been turning Americans into assholes.

And that is a good thing. You can't make politics 100% civil without pushing out unpopular opinions.

Comment Re:Cant say i'm surprised (Score 1) 307

I don't understand why people think AVRs need to be programmed in Arduino-C++ dumbed-down. avr-gcc (WinAVR on windows) is extremely nice to use and doesn't hold your hand. True C (or C++, if you like) programming.

I don't think anyone thinks they have to be programmed in Arduino C++, but the tools work well, so why look any further? What do you actually gain with avr-gcc?

Submission + - SPAM: RIP Mr Garibaldi

jellomizer writes: Jerry Doyle, best known for his role as Chief of Security Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5, has passed away at the age of 60.
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Comment Re:What is going on here? (Score 1, Insightful) 526

Well there are a few things.
1. Most Home Users and Small Businesses are unable to maintain and administer their own computer. Many of the big security problems and hacks come from the users lack to properly Admin their home PC. This lack of Administration skills put Microsoft in a worse light than it deserved. Because they fixed the problems quickly and offer fixes. But too many users just didn't want to waste the time keeping their system operational.

2. People no longer want to pay a lot for computers. 1980s $4k was a reasonable price for a good PC. 1990s it was 2k, 2000s 1k, 2010s $500 Price is going down while inflation is going up and the cost. We are getting cheaper computers. Gone are the solid steel cases, mechanical keyboards, with components that were suppose to last for decades. We are cheap plastic, flimsy membrane squishy keys, and components that will last you 2 or 3 years if you are lucky. Because of this the OS cannot sell for more than the cost of the hardware. So Microsoft is doing these control things to keep cost down.

3. Because of the cheaper hardware much of the extra processing needs have moved to "the cloud". Being that many of the OS Components are on the cloud if you disable it. You will suffer performance and feature hit.

If we can get people willing to spend $2k for a desktop PC and $300 for the OS, I wouldn't expect Windows or OS X to become more power user friendly.

Comment Re:Year of the... (Score 0) 526

If by Linux Desktop you mean GNU/Linux and not Android? Probably still not. The "Personal Computer" will just diminish further to a point where it isn't relevant for most people any more (tablets/smart phones being their principal computing device) And what we call the PC/Desktop/laptop/notbook will become workstations. And mostly relegated for work (Where Microsoft is still making exceptions to these lockdowns). So some people will get these Work Stations for themselfs and probably put Linux on them, so most of the Personal Computer may have Linux... However it wouldn't be considered a victory to Linux but the PC being a relic of a past time.

Microsoft is just milking the end of the PC for as long as it can.

Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 5, Insightful) 211

She is still the copyright owner.
Getty took her work and sold it without her permission as well as harassing others she freely gave it away to. Damaging her reputation, as well her customers. The fact that she gave them away for free doesn't mean mean that they didn't have value.

Heck in slashdot when we find a company breaking the GPL we want Blood from them.

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