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Submission + - Aussie academic builds Get Smart 'shoe phone'

heretic108 writes: One of the main comic devices of TV series Get Smart lead character Maxwell Smart was his mobile shoe phone, which would ring at the most awkward moments and make its user look ridiculous. Thanks to the efforts of an Australian academic, this shoe phone is now a reality. According to inventor Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen, this phone may become available soon on sites such as ThinkGeek.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - A Space Elevator Made of Bologna?

gbulmash writes: "'Of course, I still come back to 100,000 kilometers of bologna slices, laid end to end. Bologna has nowhere near the tensile strength to be used as a construction material for the space elevator ribbon, but that much of it (985,434,353 slices) would weigh 61,589,647 pounds, contain 88,689,091,770 Calories and 17,375,178 pounds of fat... or for a Rough Equivalent... just the fat in 100,000 kilometers of Oscar Mayer bologna slices laid end to end would weigh as much as 2,465,897 babies.' — From Rough Equivalents"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Have You Tried Rebooting The Death Ray

gbulmash writes: "Schmerz von Evilstein: I just fired it at Switzerland to prove my evil intent to the U.N. According to observers on the ground, 3 chickens exploded, a goat lost its equilibrium, and a farmer had a burning sensation when he peed... though I can't be sure we're responsible for that last one.

Brad: Have you tried rebooting the death ray?

Full article"
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Submission + - bubble 2.dooh

idiocracy writes: "CNN and New York Times reports that the over-hyped IPO of Accoona [small search engine, lead generation and e-commerce company] has hit a major snag as their IPO underwriter has concluded that the company is ridiculous. The Times reports that the underwriter has not only ditched the company but announced that it stinks: "After completing our due diligence review, we have chosen to disassociate ourselves with the company," said Edward L. Rose, the firm's vice chairman and general counsel. Further, co-founder Mr. Rousso was recently convicted in France for securities fraud."

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