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Submission + - Renter Sued By Landlord For Complaining On Twitter ( 1

gbulmash writes: "When Amanda Bonnen posted an angry tweet about her moldy apartment, she probably thought she was blowing off steam. But the Sun Times News Group reports her Twitter feed was public, her tweet was indexed, her landlord found it, and they claim it has so damaged their reputation they're suing her for $50,000+ in damages. Looks like another sue-happy company is going to discover the Streisand Effect."

Comment But it's in CANADA (Score 1, Insightful) 383

Wow, that makes me feel better about the batch of chocolate cheese I whipped up this weekend and the fact that later in the week, I'm going to experiment with substituting it for ganache in a chocolate truffle recipe.

Of course, the study took place in Canada. Skinny, underweight people dying faster in the cold of Canada just seems like a no brainer. I'd like to see the study replicated in the tropics to see if the numbers stand up somewhere that extra insulation doesn't help as much.

Based on the study, I need to lose 24 more pounds to get my BMI into the 25-29.9 range that had the highest longevity and I'm currently in the same longevity range as normal weight people. Woo hoo.

Comment Re:Sounds great... if you can justify the cost (Score 2, Interesting) 118

Which wired arm of T-Mobile would you want to integrate their wireless service with?

And that's why I asked if there were potential anti-trust problems preventing such integration by Verizon, AT&T, etc. If they offered "internet anywhere" packages that bundled wired and wireless service, wireless providers without wired solutions could not compete on that playing field.

Comment Sounds great... if you can justify the cost (Score 4, Insightful) 118

I know, it's all wow-ee-wow-oo-oo, but I'm still not impressed. If you're on the road a lot and can justify the extra cost of cellular access, yes, it's very cool. For everyone else, not so much. I just can't pay for a home plan and a wireless plan or multiple wireless plans for myself and my family. It's a luxury I can't justify.

We've got phones that are palmtop computing devices, internet access devices, phones, cameras, video cameras, and music/video players all in one. Device makers are embracing the mantra of integration. Is it that the wired arms of the telcos can't vertically integrate home and wireless access into affordable bundles due to anti-trust concerns or is it that they currently see that keeping them separate maximizes profit because the market just isn't demanding "internet anywhere" convenience at a workable price point?

Comment 24 hour charge?? (Score 5, Interesting) 196

What interests me is how they'll power the car in a 24-hour race. There don't seem to be details on that.

According to their site, there's a large solar-powered charging station (100 square meters of photovoltaic surface) which can be used to charge the car between races, but unless they're seriously loading the thing with batteries, they're either going to need long pit stops for charging or the ability to swap out battery packs as fast as other cars can pit for fuel.

On the other hand, with their target date two years out and the rapidly evolving electric car scene, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some hot new prototype hitting the car show circuit around then that blew their doors off.

Comment Re:I'm the worst person to try to please (Score 1) 71

A game that doesn't let you break out of the original plot is just a bit of an animated storybook in a way, but if it does, it's not true to the original book. In the long run, games must adhere to the spirit of the material, not the letter, or they;re just going to suck. And any hardcore fan who screams about it not adhering to the letter probably doesn't "get it".

Comment Fail To Reinforce (Score 4, Funny) 57

"designed to fail to reinforce the learning process"...

I'm sure that's meant as "designed to fail, so that figuring out why they failed reinforces the learning process" but it reads as they're designed so that they fail to reinforce the learning process.

Comment He'll Be Back (Score 5, Insightful) 100

The problem with zealots and fanatics is that these kinds of setbacks only help to make them believe that they just need to fight harder. It's a sad, sick feedback loop where defeat reinforces their mania instead of chipping away at it. I seriously doubt this is the last we'll hear of Jack Thompson. He'll just come up with new and creative ways to be a thorn in the side of gamers and freethinkers.

Just because he's disbarred, he can still find some rich, old lonely lady to fund his evil plans... much like Lex Luthor did in Superman Returns. But seriously, even though he's not a lawyer anymore, that doesn't stop him from getting one to act as his proxy. He just needs to find another manically deluded soul who either has a law degree or the money to pay for lawyers, and he'll be back.

Comment Hey now, control yourself... (Score 4, Funny) 204

The Final Sentence of TFA: "The GLA (Greater London Authority) said that the agreed solution represents the best possible outcome within the specific constraints of the scheme and accords with the objectives of London Plan policy 4A.6."

You know, lavishing praise on a project like that is going to make all the other projects jealous.

Comment Not Evil, Just Broken (Score 1) 2

A lot of people who rail against copyrights aren't against the theory of copyright, but the practice. It used to be that copyrights lasted around as long as patents, now they last the lifetime of the creator plus another seventy years. Isn't 7 or 28 years long enough to profit on a movie, book, etc.?

Additionally, the ideas of fair use, being able to make backups of the stuff you buy, not being locked into a format, etc. are all being chipped away at by law, contract language, and DRM.

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