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Comment Re:And you expected something else...? (Score 3, Informative) 514

Is Austin some Green paradise where everybody lives close to their work and the roads are clear? Nobody works downtown? How does a rail line like that fail so badly?

Hah, quite the opposite. Traffic here is terrible. We've been the fastest growing area in the nation for a few years now, so things will only get worse. The biggest problem is that all of our major thoroughfares (at least in Austin proper) were built in such a way that it will be extremely difficult to expand them. Unfortunately that's meant that we've had toll roads crammed down our throats. Several pre-existing highways have been converted, with more slated to be converted over the next few years. In theory that should mean mass transit should be a great option, and I think that's why the city has chosen to take this route. In practice, however, it's not at all convenient to use public transport. Though extensive, the bus system is highly inefficient. Count on an hour bus ride to get somewhere when you could drive yourself in 30 minutes, or maybe less. Light rail could be better since it can bypass the traffic altogether, but it really only connects 2 main points in the city, and you have to use the bus from there.

It's a bit of a chicken and egg problem: until they expand the number of routes for light rail, it's going to be of limited use. To be fair, the line was just completed a year or two ago and they do have plans to expand. However, expanding the routes is so expensive, its a tough pill to swallow when you see a train go by with only a couple of people onboard.

Comment Took Ng's Machine Learning class last year (Score 4, Insightful) 101

And I can honestly say it was great. I learned a lot, and it was structured in such a way that I learned much more quickly than had I just gone out and purchased a book and tried to learn it on my own. The homework assignments were great too - more real-world than theoretical. Thinking back to college, I wish my classes then were more like the ML class. Perhaps it was because I was taking it merely for personal enrichment and wasn't at all stressed about homework, exams, grades, etc. but the class was very enjoyable. All of that, and it was free.

Obviously I can't speak for these new class offerings with Coursera, but what have you got to lose? If nothing else, it's a great way to expand your horizons.

Comment Re:Sounds reasonable. (Score 1) 234

Re-read the link, specifically the post by chockenberry who is apparently one of the devs for twitterific. He says that the project took way more than 200 hours. The first poster "guesstimates" 200 hours, but is clearly wrong.

Comment Happened to me on a Server 2003 box (Score 4, Interesting) 351

I had this happen a year or so ago on a Server 2003 box and never could find the actual cause. I don't know if the fix is the same in this case, but in my case it was simple:

Check out [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors] - if everything is set to [0 0 0], modify those values to something other than black. The easiest thing to do, actually, is to export that key from another box that's good, then import on the box that's got the problem.

Comment Re:Cue postgres fan bois (Score 1) 334

I only come across it occasionally, but several times I have found myself wishing for LEAST and GREATEST functions in T-SQL, like in Oracle. Of course people always suggest creating workarounds via a CLR addin, functions or CASE statements. But really, in both cases, this seems like a trivial feature to implement. C'mon MS!

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