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Comment IANAL, but IAC (Score 2) 62

The title is a bit misleading - it *should* read "(At Least In Québec)".

This case was a civil matter heard in the Québec Superior Court, and some of the statues cited were from the Québec Code of Civil Procedure. The legislative framework of Québec is derived from French civil law, whereas the English-speaking provinces derive from English common law. A Québec precedent on a civil matter won't have weight in other provinces, so extrapolating a Québec decision to the whole of Canada isn't correct. A similar decision would need to be reacehd in, say, the Ontario or B.C. superior court, as there's much more commonality between the common-law derived jurisdictions (no pun intended).

Comment Pedantic rant (Score 1, Flamebait) 133

a globular cluster of several thousand stars (compressed into a space just a few dozen light-years apart) is being thrown out of galaxy M87.

I always have issues with astronomical articles that say something *is* happening, especially when the observation is of a structure 53.4 million light years away. *Was* happening, sure. *Is* happening? Don't think so...

Submission + - Spark Advances From Apache Incubator To Top-Level Project

rjmarvin writes: The Apache Software Foundation announced the open-source cluster-computing framework for Big Data analysis has graduated http://sdt.bz/68845 from the Apache Incubator to a top-level project. A project management committee will guide the projects day-to-day operations, and Databricks cofounder and VP of Apache Spark Matei Zaharia will be appointed VP of Apache Spark.Spark runs programs 100x faster than Apache Hadoop MapReduce in memory, and it provides APIs that enable developers to rapidly develop applications in Java, Python or Scala, according to the ASF http://spark.apache.org/.

Submission + - Synology DSM hard-coded VPN root password (cert.org)

gauntlet420 writes: Yet another security SNAFU, where Synology has hard-coded a root password in the OpenVPN module of DiskStation Manager. Workarounds include disabling the service and writing your own authentication plugin.

Submission + - OpenBSD is on Google Summer of Code 2014 (undeadly.org)

openbsd.as.a.desktop writes: The OpenBSD Foundation is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2014. As such if you are a student who qualifies to apply for GSOC, you will be able to find us in Google's Summer of Code Application process.

        We have an ideas page which is located at http://www.openbsdfoundation.o...

        I will repeat my usual disclaimer here on behalf of the foundation — doing anything with GSOC does *not* guarantee the result will end up in OpenBSD or any related project. That having been said we hope to be able to put some mentors together with students to accomplish things that may become useful to the community at large.

        This will be our first year doing this, so we hope to learn from the experience and see if it will work out in future years.

        -Bob Beck — The OpenBSD Foundation.

Comment Grain of salt (Score 5, Informative) 74

This article seems to be talking about newer hardware and the NVIDIA binary blob driver. If you're stuck with Nouveau and an older NVIDIA card, your performance is going to be much worse than Windoze. I recently de-Windozed a P4 box running a GeForce440MX. Perfectly acceptable performance under XP became molasses-slow under Xubuntu 13 - we're talking seconds per screen refresh, and lots of visual artifacting. Newer distys and the legacy binary blob drivers that support GeForce 4 don't play nice with each other either. I ended up yanking the card and putting in a Radeon 9800SE (with 1/4 the video RAM) and even with the open-source radeon driver, performance was astronomically better - the machine was actually *useable*.

Submission + - Palm to replace Garnet with Linux later this year

pete314 writes: "Palm has quietly been developing its own Linux based mobile operating systems and is planning to release the software later this year. Replacing the current "Garnet" Palm OS 5 software on the Treo, Linux will allow for simultaneous voice and data traffic, increase application switching speeds and offer better support for online applications."

Feed China sets out to curb kids' online gaming (engadget.com)

Filed under: Gaming

It looks like China's not content to simply wait for over-eager gamers to find their way to a halfway house, with the government now taking some steps to curb the amount of online gaming kids partake in. It's not imposing a strict limit, however, instead forcing game makers to install so-called "anti-addiction software" in their games, which would ramp up in-game penalties if gamers play more than the government deems to be healthy. Apparently, gamers will only get half the normal amount points if they play more than three hours, with no points awarded at all after the five hour mark. At that point, they'll be presented with the ominous message: "You have entered unhealthy game time, please go offline immediately to rest." Exactly how that system will be applied to various games isn't clear, although it seems that any games that don't comply by July 16th will be shut down. What's more, in order to verify their age, all gamers will also be required to register for games using their real name and identity card number, which at least one analyst speculates could "scare away" adults and young users alike.

[Via Slashdot]

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The Courts

Submission + - Sony BMG, UMG & Co. Try Evil New Legal Tactic

The MAFIAA writes: "After quickly withdrawing their lawsuit against Mr. Merchant after the strongly-worded letter from his lawyer, the RIAA found an evil new way to legally invade Mr. Merchant's computer. They moved the case over to federal court and filed a John Doe lawsuit with an ex parte request for immediate discovery. In plain English, that means that the RIAA asked the court to let them root through Mr. Merchant's computer for no reason and they used legal tricks to deny him the opportunity to object. Mr. Merchant's lawyer is not happy, and has accused them of violating court rules."

WoW Players Targeted By Windows Flaw Exploit 130

grimwell writes "The BBC is carrying the story that the ANI flaw is being used to target World of Warcraft players, as hackers search for account details. 'Analysis of that malicious software showed that it lay dormant on a victims machine until they ran World of Warcraft (WoW) at which point it captured login data and sent it to the hacking group ... Research by security firm Symantec suggests that the raw value of a WoW account is now higher than a credit card and its associated verification data.'" Doubtless, any compromised accounts would quickly see their equipment sold, and the resulting gold transferred to another account. This gold would then be sold for US currency to Real Money Traders like the company IGE.
The Courts

SCO Legally Assaults PJ of Groklaw 340

Litigious Bastards writes "SCO has just filed court papers saying that they were unable to subpoena PJ of Groklaw. While they apparently sent their crack team of process servers out looking for random people named Pamela Jones, it would appear that they were unable to locate the bright yellow envelope labeled 'Email PJ' on the Groklaw website to ask for directions to serve her in person. They're once again accusing her of working for IBM or Novell, and Groklaw is now hosting over 20 documents PJ claims were planted in the media in an effort to discredit her. As she says, 'And so the stupidest lawsuit in the history of the world just got stupider. And a whole lot meaner.'"

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