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Comment Re:Lost $800 Million (Score 1) 156

Reasons I take an uber over a taxi in order of importance:

-Clear and concise pick up location
-Nice, friendly people (usually)
-Nice, clean vehicle (usually)
-Contact with the driver if there is an issue
-Plain, easy to understand fare information
-No tipping or cash exchanging of any kind
-No need to find a local reputable company when traveling

Yes, I left off price because that has never been a thought if I am considering a cab vs uber. I may be an outlier but I would pay the same or more for Uber vs taxi for the above stated reasons.

Comment Exactly. (Score 1) 332

As soon as they start tweaking for better or for worse they aren't doing their job.

I did your mars search for fun and guess what? Exactly what you said the first 5-6 results were kooky sites that confirm my bias or my interest in what people who search for that are seeing. I would assume this is the exact same thing for just about every kooky conspiracy theory; ask a dumb question get a dumb answer.

Comment Re:Has anyone bothered to ask why they want the li (Score 1) 858

And maybe we wanted the list of top leaders in saddams party Iraq so we could help them with a smooth transition through counseling and education.

I highly doubt the trump transition team is asking for data of people working on things that he has described ad a conspiracy by china is an attempt to shore up weaknesses in the programs.

Unless you are saying "Maybe they want this so they can hire the proper people for certain cabinet positions" in the way of hiring people who will recognize the problem and eradicate anything or person who believes the china conspiracy.

Comment Re:this is not a gift for employees (Score 1) 399

If they were doing it for PR they sure f'ed this one up because I don't think anyone will hear this story an applaud their actions. At least if they just said "we're donating 30mil to schools" then later said "no gifts this year" they would get some decent PR on the altruism side of things.

Since it's a gift they get I am assuming they still get bonuses or whatever, no?

Comment Funny, but... (Score 1) 90

Trump is the epitome of a thin skinned person. I can see this being a "yuge" issue for him as he absolutely despises criticism in any shape or form, and for businesses? Forget about it.

And yes we all know he can't 'pen away' laws but he can talk and there's ~1/2 a country that listens to his idiocy and thinks it's viable. The pulpit he speaks from went from "guy talking shit" to "commander in chief" so there will be movement behind his ideas.

Do you not think a president Trump won't call out and deride dissenters?

Comment Re:Will they be crediting the losses as well? (Score 1) 203

It is on the taxpayer to show all income and losses. If the IRS sees a person cashing out a bunch of bitcoin and not reporting the income they are going to audit the person.

Not saying I approve of them doing this but that is what's going to happen. A lot of butts are puckered pretty tight after reading this news.

Comment Re:paranoia (Score 1) 590

Trump convinced a large voting block that Hillary was tantamount to a war criminal despot who was literally looking to abolish the second amendment and legalize and support 'day before due date abortions' among other things people would gladly regurgitate as if they personally know it as fact.

Trump does need the power of the rest of the government to do a lot of things but he has something much more powerful: Simple words, lies and fear. It is not far fetched that could rile up constituencies around the country to force the hand of their elected representatives to support whatever insanity he spews. I'm sure there was a lot of level headed people in the government who absolutely abhorred the internment camps but went along to get along. Or a more recent example, when GWB was beating the war drum for Iraq opponents were called out as weak bellied traitors who hated america.

Paranoia with Trump is completely warranted because he is a completely loose cannon beholden to no one and continues to prove it so with insane statements like Hillary getting million of illegal votes simply because he lost the majority. I mean let that sink in: Our elected president elect is spewing baseless conspiracy theories 2 months before he takes office as a retort to not being liked the most.

Comment Re:Proof her perf evaluations weren't fair (Score 1) 566

Hyperbole about nuclear war and concentration camps aside; he almost literally is a frothing at the mouth madman. He has little to no self control, he says deplorable things about trade partners and even worse about middle eastern nations.

Sure he may not want to start wars or do crazy things but words mean stuff and international diplomacy is an extremely important thing to avoid conflicts and all out wars. The Iraq war has proven to the war that if we bang the war drum loud enough we will invade and occupy a sovereign nation basically on the whim of the president and his staff.

At the baseline hypernationalism and xenophobia is the root cause of the biggest and bloodiest wars in our worlds history and Trump is fanning those flames loud and clear. He is a very dangerous person, and the epitome "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"

Comment One down.... (Score 2) 50

If you think this is an isolated issue you are sorely mistaken. I'll bet this is a mainstay for PI's around the country. Especially since it took 4 years to catch him. My guess without details is that he got caught when he started using the Location system since that's not something anyone besides SysTechs and LEO would need.

Comment Technology... (Score 1) 474

The problem is that on earth, for now, that technology would be a solution without a problem (I know, *for now*). The technology for space exploration has largely been adapted as a result of space travel successes solving problems that we didn't know we had here.

Google around, there's tons of safety, sustainability, health, etc technology that was specifically designed for space travel issues adapted to earth usage.

A successful colonization of a planet like mars would have a profound affect on the minds of the world because the lessons learned there will proof of concept true sustainability (without a net).

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