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Comment Re:Were these actions necessary? (Score 2) 106

I could be wrong but I have a feeling that the number is this large because they have dozens of informants in ongoing investigations engaging in illegal activities so it could be at any given time the FBI has 15 informants on a daily basis allowed to engage in illegal activity.

Doesn't seem so outlandish in that context. They do investigate a lot of crimes that take a lot of investigative work do to the sophistication of the persons and or groups involved in the crimes.

Comment Re:Bullshit Math - Netflix unplugged? (Score 1) 174

I agree the numbers are a bit fuzzy but most people aren't on metered internet, so the internet is an existing static cost utility that Netflix rides on. In an average household there is a lot more than Netflix going on over the internet connection.

That said, they are not like products, and comparing them in this way is pretty dumb and the people behind it know it.

Comment PR! (Score 1) 422

I love these PR things where it's just flat out contradictory statements: such a small portion of people *but* they are causing such a big problem *but* if they pay more money the problem is solved.

Although, they must have a pretty good network if people can get over 100gb per month. On my provider that would probably take a year.

Comment What are you driving? (Score 1) 496

A 92' Geo metro on a canyon road? 100mph in a decent car feels like 50, aside from things going by faster. 85-90 is speed of traffic in the southwest on 75MPH roads. As someone mentioned, the autobhan *average* speed is 88mph and their fatality rate is much lower than ours. I'll bet it has a lot to do with drivers being much more attentive at higher speeds.

Comment I wonder.... (Score 2) 342

Who has a lot to gain from making a prohibitively costly barrier to entry for small vendors?

Maybe the same ones who benefited form the outlawing of "flavored" type cigarettes that were sold by niche retailers.

Big tobacco is alive and well, the pitiful thing is that now they are doing their bidding with full public support.

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