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Comment Re:Next Headline (Score 1) 54

Or, echo recordings exonerate man? You do realize that the best they could hope to get from this was support from the timeline and possible someone saying "alexa, play katy perry roar"/etc and not the recordings from inside the house nonstop. There is a security risk from these devices being exploited but if amazon was recording outside of being activated by the keyword they would fold as a company overnight.

As I said before, I highly doubt they would concede this point just because "whatever" when amazon was fighting their fight for them.

Comment grossly overestimating... (Score 1) 169

I think you are grossly overestimating the cross functionality between tablets/phones and desktop/laptop devices, sure they kind of both *do* the same things but they are used for very different things. Yes people are using their phones/tablets more but they are using them more for the trivial things like angry birds or facebook. The moment they need to work on something serious like photo editing or an excel sheet etc they realize they need a desktop/laptop computer.

So yes, if Android OS starts gaining a foothold on the PC market then that is big news. This news just means android is on a *lot* of devices and that's completely not news because it's a free OS on every cheap device out there.

All that said windows/desktops are a relatively stagnant market because trivial us/gaming is on phones and consoles, but they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Like I said upthread it's like comparing the toaster to the oven.

Comment Still apples and oranges. (Score 1) 169

Windows is a desktop operating system with its install base there, Android is a tablet/phone OS with all of its install base there. It's like saying coffee makers are about to eclipse ovens as the most used appliance....ok? Still need the oven for its purpose.

You are right that usage behaviors are shifting but Android is not a desktop operating system so comparing the two is just silly. We know they both are trying to break into the other market but that ship has sailed, so yes the on 15$ tablets at Walmart is going to have a much bigger footprint than the one that is on 300-3000$ machines.

Comment Re:Not silly at all, consider context (Score 1) 131

Of the few posts I saw that showed DELIGHT at not paying for apps none of them identified what phone they are using. Do you not realize that *most* of the revenue created from apps is in game purchases from games that are free to play on both platforms? Candy crush pulled in 1.3 billion alone, and it's a free game.

So yes, it is silly to infer that Android users don't pay for things because you saw some posts on the internet about people enjoying not paying for apps. Also that android app development is second tier because of it.

Comment Re:Witness the Wastelandroid (Score 3, Insightful) 131

That's just silly. You aren't taking into consideration that Android OS covers the most cheap bare bones phones/tables/etc to the comparable galaxy/etc devices.

To make an analogy its like saying Tesla drivers spend more on Starbucks than GM drivers do. Tesla only sells relatively expensive cars while GM runs the gamut and the lower end sells much more than the higher end. A Tesla entry point is ~70K a GM is ~12k, and both top out in the 100K+ range.

I can't seem to find any numbers of like-priced devices but I will bet the numbers are probably in the +/-5% range either way.

Comment Re:Yeah he should have just said "of course we tal (Score 1) 895

I think that without a doubt the higher ups have a political agenda. If the FBI was investigating this why weren't we made aware of this every step of the way like pre-election? The people that leaked it probably did so because they knew a coverup was afoot.

I don't know any facts but I know this stinks to high heaven of coverup, and not in the Alex Jones or Breitbart way, like in the actual "The presidents top advisor was possibly violating the law with the ambassador to a country he has been constantly accused of placating." kind of way.

Comment Re:I hope this stays modded up (Score 1) 660

It's just an anecdote but I have hired for the same types of positions and get inundated with resumes, granted there's a lot of under/un qualified people but I have never had a hard time finding the talent. It was always just a matter of what I was willing to pay for that talent.


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