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Comment Re:Wi-Fi Roaming? (Score 1) 50

I don't know to what degree it has been rolled out but in my neck of the woods every comcast router has two radios one for the customer and one for xfinity wifi. The initial excuse for this was to support xfinity users wherever they are but I have a feeling this was the ultimate goal.

I wasn't using my comcast router for wifi so I turned it off and used my linksys. A year later i began having wifi issues nonstop and after using wifianalyzer I saw that they had turned on the other radio and it was like double the signal strength as my router.

That said, most people rarely use their phone to make calls anymore so I suspect they will basically offload all voice to Verizon and everything else will use wifi.

Comment Re:Malware in torrents (Score 1) 86

I have heard the theory that game/app devs do this but I find it hard to believe (in a couple instances maybe but not in any meaningful volume). Regardless of their intentions it would be a huge smear on their company to be authoring malware to thwart piracy.

As to groups doing this, I don't think that either, it's just people taking the app/game/etc and bundling it with their malware.

Like I said, I haven't been to these sites in ages but I doubt a whole lot has changed. People who do illegal stuff are very unlikely to complain when illegal stuff victimizes them.

Comment "The CFPB declined... (Score 4, Informative) 341

.... to explain how it came up with the $100 million penalty figure."

Ooh Ooh pick me!

They sat down with Wells Fargo lawyers and accountants and came to an agreed upon amount.

I don't know how people continue to bank with a place that has repeatedly been shown to do everything they can to screw their customers, it wasn't too long ago they were appealing the class action suit because they were stacking debit transactions largest to smallest to maximize overdraft revenue.

Comment Re:Were these actions necessary? (Score 2) 106

I could be wrong but I have a feeling that the number is this large because they have dozens of informants in ongoing investigations engaging in illegal activities so it could be at any given time the FBI has 15 informants on a daily basis allowed to engage in illegal activity.

Doesn't seem so outlandish in that context. They do investigate a lot of crimes that take a lot of investigative work do to the sophistication of the persons and or groups involved in the crimes.

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