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Comment Re:Wait a minute. (Score 1, Insightful) 307

Oh please, of course Israel did it. Israel is the most despicable terrorist state in the world. The pinpricks the Palestinians commit against Israel are trivial compared to the murderous rampages of the IDF. They have no intention of stopping until they've slaughtered every Arab baby in the world. The moral powers of the world must soon choose to stop the heinous aggression or wait until Israel decides it wants Europe too.

Comment All you need to know about Bing (Score 1) 267

Anything out of Microsoft about Bing is PR with limited accuracy or any usefulness to predicting future value. Bing can not be considered of value so long as MS continues to pump out bogus queries to websites in an effort to falsify stats for the purpose of making website owners believe Bing provides more traffic than it truly does. Of my 4 websites, the number of fake Bing visitors has hit as much as 9% of total traffic. It's unfortunate that Microsoft would rather fake traffic than provide a truly valuable search tool to attract consumers.

Comment The U.S. is no different (Score 1) 452

The U.S. government maintains a "secret" program in partnership with the telecom monopolies to monitor all Internet traffic for "illegal" activity. Under the program, anyone arrested is not permitted to speak about it, EVER! The U.S. government implements a level of IP laws and copyright (will Mickey Mouse ever reach the public domain?) that far exceed those of any other country. The U.S. government refuses to allow Internet gambling solely because it might interfere with the billions it takes in from it's own gambling operations. When the U.S. government meets the standards it sets for everyone else, THEN you Americans will have the right to whine. In the meantime, continue fueling your cars with Venezuelan oil, buying so much from China that your country is going bankrupt, and using your U.N. Security Council veto to prevent Israel from being held accountable for the war crimes it commits because the rest of us love to see you make fools of yourselves as your nation sinks into the abyss.

Submission + - Yahoo Settles Advertiser Class Action (rustconsulting.com)

gateur writes: After years of fighting, Yahoo has finally agreed to settle a class action suit filed for their resale of click advertising to disreputable sites. As expected, Yahoo claims they have settled only to move past the matter and refuses to admit to their unsavory past actions. As one of those members of the class who lost thousands of dollars to click fraud promoted by Yahoo through their partner sites, I wonder whether the $4 million they must pay the law firm will cause them to mend their ways. After all, the loss of a sufficient number of advertisers to make their ad platform financially viable didn't seem to do the trick.

Comment Re:Reminds me... (Score 1) 402

The US already collects vasts amount of information as part of the visa application process for any foreign national, all paid by the applicant.

Different countries pay different amounts. I wish the $10 would be the case. Chileans pay $131 just for a visitor's visa, and that doesn't even include all the expenses in getting the required paperwork.

The US unfriendliness towards visitors you mention has been here for a long time, and it's manifested in many different ways, some subtle, some not.

After spending six weeks and $400 of needless nuisance fees and charges, I was forbidden by the U.S. State Department from accompanying my Filipino wife into the U.S. Embassy where she was asked two pointless questions, then denied a 2 week tourist visa needed to accompany me back to the U.S. for a brief business related trip. The U.S. State Department is so broken it encourages illegal immigration by denying legal tourist and work visas. That's why there are 14 million illegal aliens who waltzed across the Texas border to work illegally and supply drugs to the likes of Rush Limbaugh. I don't care what DHS has on me. If they want me they can come and get me, I won't be coming back on my own.

Comment It's about more than memorizing facts (Score 1) 1345

Why is it that every argument for alternatives to school focus on the single aspect of public schools needing to teach to the average student. A lot more than memorizing the times table happens in schools. Also, since most schools in America have barely a 6 hour day, what's preventing all the anti-public-schoolites from "unschooling" or "home schooling" their kids at some point during the other 18 hours each day? Just once I'd like to see someone with an alternative to public schools show me how their idea will scale, because that's what is required for public schools to function. Home schooling works because only those for whom it works do it. I assume the only reason "unschooling" is demonstrating any level of success is because there is a similar bias based on those using it. Take any of these methods and roll them out across the city of Detroit. Show me those numbers and then I'll tell you whether your idea is better or worse than public schools.

Comment Will You Also Take a Test? (Score 1) 440

In my 20 years of programming experience, as both a consultant and captive employee, most failures proved to be caused by incompetent/incoherent management, a sales force that sold something totally different than what was being built., or a poisoned corporate culture that resulted in a team at each others' throats. If you want to test me, then I think it's only fair that I get to test you. If you want to talk to my last 3 employers, then I should be permitted to talk to the last three employees you terminated. Needless to say, I'm now quite happily self employed.

Appropriate Interviewing For a Worldwide Search? 440

jellomizer writes 'I am a manager of a small Software Development department, looking to hire some more developers. By edict of the CEO, the search must be made globally, so we are dealing with different cultures and different ideas of truth and embellishment, etc. To try to counteract this, we give the potential employees tests where I watch what they do, to see if they actually know what they say they know. However, it seems a lot of applicants drop out when I mention that this test is mandatory. Is this a sign that we caught them in a lie, or are we weeding out good people where we shouldn't be? Would you be willing to take a test as part of an interview? If so, is there any type of heads up you would like to know beforehand to make the decision of whether to take the test easier?' What other difficulties have people seen while trying to hire from many different cultures?

Submission + - Is MS Live Search Fudging The Numbers? (lookupbook.com) 1

gateur writes: "I have several websites that recently began seeing a substantial increase in traffic. Upon further investigation I found the increase is from a single source... MS Live Search. In all cases the IP address belongs to a particular class C, 65.55.110.xxx, at Microsoft Corporation (a different network segment from that of Live.com). The search contains only a single common keyword, such as "business", yet the site receiving the hit does not appear in the search results for that keyword on MS Live. I operate about a dozen websites and see this traffic on only those which appear in the top 10 results on Google. I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this same anomaly in their traffic reports, and whether Microsoft is trying to fudge the numbers so site owners think they have more traffic from Live.com than really exists."
The Internet

Submission + - FCC lags in technology

gateur writes: "I have been following information about the upcoming FCC spectrum auction. To make that effort easier I went to the FCC Web site to find their RSS feed so I could get the latest news and information releases on and ongoing basis.

I was amazed to find that, of all the agencies in the federal government, the one agency most responsible for the Internet is the only primary agency that does not offer an RSS feed.

The FTC has it, the FDA has it, same for NIH and even Homeland Security, but not the FCC.

Apparently, the only way to obtain their latest information is to visit the FCC.gov site and download each story, one at a time, in either Word or Acrobat formats.


When the agency responsible for advancing the Internet lags so far behind even other federal agencies, it's not surprising that America's technological prowess is trailing that of countries only a fraction in size."

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