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Comment Re:The Naked Truth (Score 1) 1592

I'm afraid that's not exactly true:

- Ireland is also not in Schengen
- The UK converted to metric for trade (Imperial units only used for things that are relatively trivial). In fact there were a series of "Metric Martyrs", traders in the UK who refused to move to metric were prosecuted by the UK authorities, so metrication *was* enforced.
- Gibraltar is not in another country, despite spurious claims from the Spanish government. The Gibraltar people time and time again have said they wish to remain British - but you seem to want to force them to be ruled by the Spanish government (and you go on about "rights"!). The fact it is attached to the bottom of Spain makes it no more a part of Spain any more than Ceuta and Melilla are part of Morocco even though they are physically attached, or Portugal a part of Spain despite sharing the Iberian peninsula.
- The UK isn't the only country that kept its currency. Denmark did too.

Spain should never have adopted the Euro, it has in part ruined your economy, as it has damaged Ireland, Italy, mortally wounded Greece etc.

Comment Re:I want an American tricycle ! (Score 1) 138

While a cyclist will almost certainly get hurt in a collision, when all the risks are taken into account, someone who cycles regularly is at less risk of premature death than someone who only drives. All things being equal, avoiding cycling to work and using a car instead while it reduces the chances of dying in a collision, it increases much more the chances of dying prematurely of diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 596

I know how to change a tyre (and other things, I've done a cylinder head job a couple of times), but the trouble I've had with it, especially at the roadside, is the gorillas at the last tyre place put the wheel nuts on with a ludicrously high torque setting. Last time I needed to do it, I had to use "The Equalizer" (one of those big 1 meter long socket drivers) and pretty much put my entire body weight on the end of it before the lug nut would even budge. All of the nuts were done up like this. One of the studs actually snapped because the overtorquing had weakened and stretched it.

Comment Re:I guess he's never worked on hardware or softwa (Score 1) 951

The simulation need not be complex, merely large. You could have a simulation that merely applied (relatively) simple rules then simulated every particle, photon etc. It would not be possible to differentiate between a bug that was consistent (and in a simple ruleset, it probably would be) and an intended rule.

Comment Re:Weak argument (Score 2) 951

The simulation may not be "let's simulate a planet with people on it".

It may be on the level of "Imagine if there was this stuff, and these rules, what would happen?" and someone codes up the rules for particles of all types and equations for the space they are in, pack all the particles in one small space (the Big Bang), perhaps a random number generator to churn things a bit, then hit start - and see what happened over the next few billions of years. We, our galaxy, fiction books, and everything else would merely be an emergent property of this relatively simple ruleset.

If the universe were simulated, it's likely to be on a machine not made of matter as we know it with energy as we know it. We're just starting to observe the simulation ruleset by discovering relativity and quantum physics.

Comment What average home users need! (Score 1) 79

Imagine an external drive connected to the laptop/PC via USB (Thunderbolt, etc). Minimum double bay set at RAID-1. Owner can read and write to the drive. Attempts to delete or modify files or folders on the drive will fail though. A physical, hardware lock needs to be "turned" to enable that capability.

This would prevent ransomware (of that drive's data anyways). It would also help prevent accidental deletes of files.

Does such a unicorn exist? I'm not looking for some half-baked alternative.

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