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Journal Journal: Its still not ticking, how not to promote a news blog

Having this as a way of keeping track of what's what with sUAS News was a silly idea as I'm not filling it in enough. Not managed to crack another submission to the list in a month or so and this means my page views now languish in the 500' which is not bad. The Linked in group has made 43 members and I have started an email list. Free for upto 1000 users, the first person I don't know signed up today.

Perhaps I am not putting the site out in enough places, I shall head out into the webosphere to try and find five different and new places to place it.

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Journal Journal: Things I should have added yesterday

Trying to make sUAS News a little more sticky, so yesterday I added a Tag cloud. Wordpress does not seem to allow a search function or block which is a shame.

Now today I notice that

1 pageviews 62,003.00 82.11%
2 pageviews 7,833.00 10.37%
3 pageviews 2,947.00 3.90%
4 pageviews 1,189.00 1.57%
5 pageviews 494.00 0.65%

Now how does analytic s handle that, is it 62 k only visited once 7833 came twice that sort of thing?

Really need to get that 2 page visit number up. Where to find all the folk that are interested in unmanned vehicles?

LinkedIn group sits @ 37 members, thats quite depressing. Join it here if you are so inclined.

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Journal Journal: Ah I seem to be able to add another journal entry

Not really getting to grips with what the best time is to post stories, especially as I quite often publish before others and yet different versions of the same thing end up at the top of the pile. Guess I am getting addicted. Perhaps there is a balance between the amount of text you include as a description and the title. I am also wondering if you get black balled for posting too much. Its all still a mystery.

Anyhow at LinkedIn the sUAS News group now has 36 members. I needed to write that down somewhere with a date so I can remember. I keep meaning to keep key dates to use as metrics, I might as well do them here if I'm going to visit so frequently! Started the group on the 13th of Sept 2010.

Not much of a feeling of community here though.

Now let me try and get a drone/uav/uas or at least aviation tag in here.

I have started to do the crazy thing, RTFM perhaps I understand a bit more now!!


Journal Journal: Is it just me?

I'm finding this thing pretty hard to navigate, I guess I am not nerdy enough! Is that a good or a bad thing?? Why write here at all?? Well earlier this week a chum suggested I drop something I had blogged at onto Slashdot and my web hits went through the roof.

I have not been a slashdot regular in fact I have not really used it. This is all a new adventure in working out yet another system.

So I shall keep posting on my pet subject, which is unmanned aerial vehicles, or as we I should call them systems (UAS). Flying robots must suffer from identity issues as their acronyms refuse to settle down. Here in the UK, RPAS is beginning to find favour, remotely piloted air systems. But as I hit return on this I fully expect another abbreviation to have come along.

A little about me.

I am a forty something hot air balloon pilot that has been flying manned things since he was 16 and now is getting into unmanned stuff.


Ah I just thought I would update this and it seems that it does not create a new entry, instead it appends to this. Somehow I'm not going to like this. Perhaps I am wrong.

Next stop is to see who to ask about adding a UAV icon, perhaps a flying robot, they need one

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