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Submission + - SPAM: Golden Phantom Drone,Casey Neistat edition

garymortimer writes: The DJI Phantom 4: Gold Edition is undoubtedly the most beautiful drone in the world, as well as the most expensive. We’d award it a gold medal for its incredible looks but, what’s the point? It’s coated in the stuff!
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Submission + - SPAM: Casey Neistat lost his Mavic Drone

garymortimer writes: Casey Niestat has lost his Mavic, he flew it BVLOS and he lost his C2 link. I’m putting it in grown up terms because that is how these incidents should be seen.

He plainly does not see the conflict of flying in by helicopter and then operating his Mavic in the very same heli routes.

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Submission + - New DJI Drone battery image revealed on Chinese site (

garymortimer writes: A smallish, DJI 3S battery of 3830 maH has arrived on Chinese forums. It might be real, and if so what’s it for?

It’s not going to be an FPV racer as the better ones now run 4 and 5S batteries. My money is on a small follow me folding quad with some sort of wrist watch. Something that carries a GoPro class or better 4K camera. They are very popular and would make a great Christmas gift.

Now who’s parade would that rain on, oh yes Karma from GoPro.

Submission + - FAA to relax Commercial drone flight rules (

garymortimer writes: The FAA are expected to usher in the new drone era at 1300 EST on Tuesday 21st June 2016. They will announce Part 107, new regulations that will make it possible to fly drones for money without requiring a real pilots licence.

Remote PICs are required to:
  Be at least 16 years old Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language (FAA may make exceptions for medical reasons) Be in a physical and mental condition that would not interfere with the safe operation of suAS Pass an initial aeronautical knowledge test at an FAA-approved knowledge testing center (or pass this online course, for part 61 certificate holders) Obtain an unmanned aircraft operator certificate with a small UAS rating (like existing pilot airman certificates, never expires) Pass a recurrent aeronautical knowledge test every 24 months

Submission + - Little Ripper Australian Shark spotting drone (

garymortimer writes: Westpac Lifesaver Helicopters are undertaking trials. If things go well at the end of the six month of operations Westpac would like to roll out drones at all their bases.

Former Australian astronaut Paul Scully-Power ( the first astronaut with a beard) is part of the team that created the trial.

Mr Scully-Power said the importance of it being modelled on a helicopter was the superior stability but also the familiarity of a helicopter in a rescue situation. “It just says rescue,” he said.

“The aim of this trial is to accomplish things with search and rescue that were impossible to even dream about 10 or 20 years ago,”

Submission + - Commercial drones less than 2kg may be set free ( DJI Phantom, SenseFly eBee) (

garymortimer writes: The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is establishing an aviation rulemaking committee with industry stakeholders to develop recommendations for a regulatory framework that would allow certain UAS to be operated over people who are not directly involved in the operation of the aircraft. The FAA is taking this action to provide a more flexible, performance-based approach for these operations than what was considered for Micro UAS. The committee will begin its work in March and issue its final report to the FAA on April 1.

Submission + - Drone hits aircraft over Illinois (

garymortimer writes: The unconfirmed report is that a “company survey” aircraft impacted a small UAS at 2,500 feet near Lewis University (KLOT) Illinois on August 27, 2015 causing damage to the leading edge of the manned aircraft wing. The only confirmed RPAS manned aircraft stirke occured in 2011 in Afghanistan.

More as we get it but this is what we know...

Submission + - Amazons secret USA drone test site (

garymortimer writes: Amazon just registered its third official drone. N394PA appeared on the register just last Thursday.

We can learn some stuff from their naming, its a mark 24, so I think it’s fair to assume the 24th type of prototype and its serial number 14 so there are at least 14 mark 24’s out in the wild.

Now thanks to satellite images and Google Earth their US test site might have been unearthed.

Submission + - Hold the phone, Samsung selfie drone. (

garymortimer writes: Just a selfie drone from Samsung, I think not. Lost in translation perhaps. IoT drone like what Sony is doing. I think so.

Back in 2011 Samsung launched 200 paper aeroplanes from the edge of space to demonstrate just how tough their SD cards are.

Submission + - Where are all the legal drones based in America? (

garymortimer writes: Leading unmanned aviation blog, sUAS News today released a map showing more than 600 drone operators that the FAA has granted permission to fly commercially.

Not only does Canada have an applicant but Switzerland and the UK as well.

The drones are used for a wide range of tasks from mapping farms to search and rescue. The majority are multirotors.

Submission + - 48% of US licenced drones made in China (

garymortimer writes: If you are to judge success in the American RPA industry. The number of commercially licenced platforms each manufacturer has in service might be a guide. Colin Snow makes the valid point earlier in today’s news that forecasts are very often wrong so better to work with the known.

We have a Drone Spotters page, started to monitor where platforms were going and who were buying them after a fatal RPAS incident in 2012

Looking at the civil market several companies, most notably AeroVironment were issued N numbers for aircraft under the old COA system.

But for now lets not try and separate them out, lets take it as a whole. As I write there are 51 manufacturers and 380 N registered sUAS in America.

Submission + - $10 million dollars invested in crowd funded drones. (

garymortimer writes: GoPro take note, the most popular Kickstarter does not use your camera.

Not a day passes at sUAS News where I am not asked to feature a new Kickstarter or Indiegogo crowd funded project.

This made me wonder how some of the higher profile ones are carrying on, top of mind because of the spectacular failure of the Pocket Copter. The platform that managed to burn down nearly one million dollars and leave many unhappy folks.

Submission + - Video:- Puppy delivery by drone (

garymortimer writes: Ok I have a new favorite drone parody. The campaign launched by A puppy is not a product seeks to highlight the almost exponential growth of puppy mills. An animal welfare issue being helped along ironically by online buying. The very market seeking to use drones.

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