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User Journal

Journal Journal: OH MY GOD, I'm back to +1.

This is double-good plus one, most excellent.

Mod points are so orwellian. I can't believe they've addicted me so much! lol.

Nice to feel "human" again (being read/heard).

I guess I need to change my sig block.

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Journal Journal: Holy Crap! I moved up in value!

Finally, after looking at all those -1 posts, I have reached up to the utterly astounding heights of 0.

Woot! I'm a zero. I'm nothing! Yayyyy.


Silly how things like moderation level can skew your day, eh?

Here's hoping I can keep posting my insightful and interesting items! Ah, the struggle to be heard among the cacophony that is the Intra-Web.

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Journal Journal: Got a Fan

Wow. I got a fan. No friends yet. But I sure have a fan.

What exactly does this mean? Does this help me in some way? :-)

Maybe he's the one throwing me some mod points. That would be cool to not be totally rendered useless by a moderation system for the masses.

Better than having freaks I guess. lol.

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Journal Journal: More about Mod Points

Ok, so now I'm really not understanding this.

The mod point system in relation to Karma... how does it work? Not by any sane reason.

I look at my scores, and how they just suddenly changed into a negative. There was some people upset about a humourous post.. maybe that was it.

But still, can one post put you so far down?

And if that is the case, why can't my +5 Funny bring me back into good standing?

Someone answer! Anyone?


Is this thing on?
User Journal

Journal Journal: Mod Points.... doh! 1

Just don't get the mod points thing. All of a sudden, I've gone from neutral to slightly good, then into terrible Karma.

Some posts have been remodded by admins I think, after the fact. Dunno. Maybe I'm wrong.

Slashdot perplexes me.

Anonymous coward flame bait whores aggravate me.

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