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Submission + - Dodgeball Founders Leave Google

garcia writes: "After some lengthy speculation in the blogosphere, Dodgeball founders Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert have left Google and Dodgeball behind to move on to other projects. Crowley said in an interview on Wired's Epicenter, "Alex and I quit Google on Friday. It's no real secret that Google wasn't supporting Dodgeball the way we expected. The whole experience was incredibly frustrating for us — especially as we couldn't convince them that Dodgeball was worth engineering resources, leaving us to watch as other startups got to innovate in the mobile + social space." I was a regular Dodgeball user from June of 2005 up through January of 2007. I called it quits when other MSN (mobile social networking) sites were beginning to offer more options and were widening the gap between themselves and Dodgeball. According to Young Manhattanite, plenty of other Google acquisitions have received similar treatment and haven't received the engineer time and resources they felt that they deserved. Is this a warning sign for other companies that might be interested in being picked up by the popular company?"

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