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Submission + - NASA gives away over 1000 of its tool to the public (

ganjadude writes: Once again NASA is giving back to the people. They just recently released over 1000 of the tools that it uses to the people in its second annual Software Catalog.
From the article :

The program tools are organized into 15 separate categories, which range in scope from aeronautics and propulsion, to system testing and handling, according to the catalog.
For example, the Vehicle Sketch Pad, or OpenVSP, is a tool NASA uses to design aircrafts by way of geometry modeling.

so go have a look and see what kind of use you can get from these tools

Submission + - Climate scientists say warming not as bad as initially thought (

ganjadude writes: Some new climate research, by pure accident is showing that global warming is happening much slower than anticipated by earlier charts.According to Ars;

The new paper adds an additional approach to handling the problem: simply run a bunch of models and pick those that, by accident, accurately reproduced the ocean's chaotic behavior. The authors started with the CMIP5 collection of climate models and selected the 18 models that include an ocean simulation that's sophisticated enough to provide data on the state of ENSO and other ocean behavior. They started these 18 models in 1880 and used historical forcings (solar activity, greenhouse gas concentrations, etc.) up until 2005, then switched to a standard emission scenario until stopping the models in 2012.

This by no means settles the debate, but it sure changes the way we look at climate change.

Submission + - watch out Rapsberry PI, Theres a new kid on the block named Humming Board (

ganjadude writes: I stumbled upon this little scoop and thought the slashdot crowd would be interested in. The new kid on the block, known as the humming bird can handle faster processors, more RAM and will fit the same cases for the PI. Also, you can expand the memory and the CPU is replaceable! The low end model starts at 45$ and the high end goes for 100. So tell me guys, what are you going to do with yours?

Submission + - Ferrari Fan page creator ousted by Ferrari, Kid Sues (

ganjadude writes: Sammy Wassem started the Facebook fan page for Ferrari when he was 15 and eventually grew it to over 500,000 followers. In 2009, the company congratulated him on the site's success, but said that "legal issues" forced it to take over the administration, according to Automotive News Europe. Wassem could still use the site, but managers had oversight.

Wassem asked Ferrari for financial compensation to keep working on the page but continued creating content on it for the next four years. Eventually, the company terminated his administration rights. In 2013 he and his father Olivier filed the lawsuit against the business alleging it owes payment over 5,500 hours of work and copyright infringement for taking over the page. They are asking for 10 million Swiss francs ($11.3 million).

Submission + - California anti violence in video games legislator arrested on bribery charges (

ganjadude writes: California State Senator Leland Yee (D), a driving force behind California's legislative efforts to restrict minors' access to violent video games, has been arrested on charges of bribery and corruption. If you recall in 2005 Yee spearheaded legislation that would bar video game sales of a violent nature to children. (it was finally put to rest in 2011 by SCOTUS) When will these people learn???

Submission + - Apple cracking down on App Discovery Apps (

ganjadude writes: Apple seems to have a problem with its store. a source states that even app recommendation engines that facilitate “filtering, bookmarking, searching, or sharing recommendations” of apps may be rejected, and the ability of third party apps to interact with the App Store now seems restricted.

I know its apples store and apple can do what it wants with it but is it really good when it is the only option for apps on a (un-jailbroke) environment?


Submission + - Bug on EA's Origin game platform allows attackers to hijack player PCs (

ganjadude writes: "Millions upon millions could be at risk due to the attack that was displayed this past friday at the black hat security conference.

"The Origin platform allows malicious users to exploit local vulnerabilities or features by abusing the Origin URI handling mechanism," ReVuln researchers Donato Ferrante and Luigi Auriemma wrote in a paper accompanying last week's demonstration. "In other words, an attacker can craft a malicious Internet link to execute malicious code remotely on [a] victim's system, which has Origin installed.



Submission + - Apple allows kickstarter lightning project to go on (

ganjadude writes: "It looks as if Apple has changed its mind when it comes to the kickstarter project that was put off due to licensing. It seems that they have reversed their stance on allowing a charger to have both the 30 pin and lightning connectors integrated in one unit. Their argument being technical reasons prohibited it from happening."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - How do you extend your wireless connection?

ganjadude writes: "So I am moving to a location where the cell signal is very poor, (I don't get signal inside my house) and I have been looking at wireless extenders such as the ones that sprint and Verizon have. I am brought down by the cost (Sprint charges monthly, Verizon 250$ up front AT&T.... well they are AT&T) Being that this is Slashdot, and a lot of us live in basements, (I kid!) I assume that some of the crowd has had this issue in the past. My question is what have you done or what alternatives are available to someone in such a situation without bending over and taking it from the phone company?"
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - A not so brief history of E A

ganjadude writes: " shtml

"In the summer of 1975 I learned about the invention of the microprocessor and about the first retail store where a consumer could rent a timesharing terminal to use from home," he remembered. "That very day I committed to found EA in 1982. I figured that it would take seven years for enough computing hardware to get into homes to create an audience for the computer games that I wanted to make."

This gets me thinking about how the other giants of the industry got their beginning."

Submission + - warner brings blue ray and HDDVD on a single disc

ganjadude writes: "According to PC mag, Warner brothers has introduced total HD, a disc which has blue ray on 1 side and HDDVD on the other

"A two-format marketplace is not ideal," he concedes. "We can't change the fact that the current multiple-format marketplace is there." But with Total HD, "you can get all of the content with none of the risk."

Could this be the solution we have been looking for?"

Submission + - microsoft drops info on vista home server

ganjadude writes: ",128471-c,tradesh ows/article.html

FTA LAS VEGAS — Today Microsoft took the wraps off its highly anticipated home server software, the brains inside several products that are expected to ship this year. I sat down with a company representative to get a first look at what Microsoft Windows Home Server can do. The demo system was HP's MediaSmart Server, which was announced here at CES and will be available in September."

Submission + - What Certs are valuable in todays field?

ganjadude writes: "So I am a Young person, lower 20's, And I took the CCNA classes back in 2001. College at the time was not an option so I am mainly Self taught in the field. I was wondering what other /.'ers took this route and what certifications you have gotten to further your career. Does college matter in the security field anymore or are certifications the way to go? If thats the case what direction would you send a person?"

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