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Submission + - The Miraculous NASA Breakthrough That Could Save Millions of Lives (gizmodo.com)

gamricstone writes: FTFA

The NASA Biocapsule—made of carbon nanotubes—will be able to "diagnose" and instantly treat an astronaut without him or her even knowing there's something amiss. It would be like having your own personal Dr. McCoy—implanted under your skin. It represents one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of medicine, and yes, it'll work on Earth, too.

This isn't science fiction. We already use a hormone called G-CSF (Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) to treat cancer patients who are receiving radiation treatment. So it was a very small jump to put these cells in a capsule. Without G-CSF, an astronaut's immune system might not recover; he or she could die of a massive infection.

Comment Re:Infected with moles (Score 1) 426

I notice you didn't cite your comment about the lack of reciprocal respect from the prisoners. Also "reciprocal respect" would in this instance mean the prisoners water-boarding guards, depriving them of sleep, and pissing on their holy book or did you forget what reciprocal means?

If a faith requires you to threaten death and destruction on any who do not worship or treat your holy book in a dignified manner deserve all the scorn and disrespect heaped upon them.

This is your opinion. Also please show me proof these specific prisoners "threaten death and destruction" on anyone and that their faith requires it(plenty of Muslims would disagree). Generally such proof is presented during a trial.

I know there are some prisoners that should not be there and I support the release of all but the most radical prisoners

How do you propose this is done without a trial? And no keeping them all locked up is not supporting the release of the innocents.

They should count themselves lucky that they are allowed to have a Quran in the first place.

Why is that? We here in the USA do not deprive prisoners of the right to read, there is no reason we should to people we incarcerate abroad.

Radical Islam is a scourge all over the world and is responsible for a great deal of today's problems and until the "peaceful" Muslim's eradicate these abominations using all the means and methods at their disposal they do not deserve any respect.

That is your opinion, and a very radical one at that. Was the purpose of the quotes you added to the word peaceful intended to imply that peaceful Muslims do not exist? Why do peaceful Muslims bear the responsibility of eradicating anyone?

Comment Re:Infected with moles (Score 1) 426

Who really gives a shit about their "holy books". As it is the guards wear gloves when handling the Koran

They give a crap, and so should anyone who believes we should treat our prisoners with dignity.

And they didn't/don't always year gloves or show respect: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005_Qur'an_desecration_controversy
...and before you scoff at a Wikipedia link, check the 17 cites the article gives.

a soldier intentionally kicked a Qur'an;
an interrogator intentionally stepped on a Qur'an;
a guard's urine came through an air vent, unintentionally splashing a detainee and his Qur'an;
water balloons thrown by prison guards at one another unintentionally caused a number of Qur'ans to get wet; and
a two-word obscenity was written in English on the inside cover of a Qur'an (whether US personnel were responsible for this act, however, could not be confirmed).

Comment Re:Infected with moles (Score 1) 426

what is to prevent them from committing the same offenses knowing that nothing really bad can happen to them.

nothing really bad, like being forced at gunpoint onto a plane, flown halfway around the world and put into a jail cell while the guards (from the land of the free) for almost a decade(with no trial), occasionally being tortured, and being forced to watch the desecration of their holy books?

Comment Re:Them swedes. (Score 1) 420

Data does not translate into "movie" necessarily.

---But that doesn't mean piracy isn't depriving them of money.

Then physically show me what they are being deprived of, offer some proof other than your words which amount to "this is how the system works license invest blah blah"

Deprive: to take away possessions from someone

Submission + - US Government Domain Seizures Failing Miserably (torrentfreak.com)

ktetch-pirate writes: "Operation In Our Sites, a US Government led domain seizure action to deal with piracy, is pretty much a failure. TorrentFreak has examined a significant number of sites that have gone on pretty much unhindered, despite the seizures. Already some questions have been asked about the constitutionality of the seizures, and the evidence used as justification, but it seems the end results weren't as good as boasted either."

Submission + - Nuclear power is safest way to make electricity (washingtonpost.com)

schwit1 writes: Compared with nuclear power, coal is responsible for five times as many worker deaths from accidents, 470 times as many deaths due to air pollution among members of the public, and more than 1,000 times as many cases of serious illness, according to a study of the health effects of electricity generation in Europe.

Comment Re:Damning with faint praise (Score 1) 163

Nah people were not pointing it out, you were (one person). I'm not a drama queen, and don't care for any attention from this. It is not plagiarized because I didn't take credit for it, I simply linked a story I thought others might find interesting (some did). Also ordinary shit would be way better if the summaries would not routinely make up facts which are not in TFA. I've just been trolled, damn.

Comment Re:Damning with faint praise (Score 1) 163

Why the hate for the summary? I didn't editorialize it, and it fairly accurately represents the contents of TFA. I get complaining about an inaccurate summary, but the summary is verbatim from the link (or maybe you didn't notice that). Perhaps a better comment for you to make would have been: "It's better than TFA, that's for sure."

Oh and props to vlm, I also agree his comment was more informative than TFA on the science (not this particular experiment).

Submission + - World's Most Powerful Optical Microscope (sciencedaily.com)

gamricstone writes: Scientists have produced the world's most powerful optical microscope, which could help understand the causes of many viruses and diseases. Previously, the standard optical microscope can only see items around one micrometre — 0.001 millimetres — clearly. But now, by combining an optical microscope with a transparent microsphere, dubbed the 'microsphere nanoscope', the Manchester researchers can see 20 times smaller — 50 nanometres ((5 x 10-8m) — under normal lights. This is beyond the theoretical limit of optical microscopy. "Seeing inside a cell directly without dying and seeing living viruses directly could revolutionize the way cells are studied and allow us to examine closely viruses and biomedicine for the first time."

Comment Re:They pulled records on a non-suspect (Score 3, Informative) 217

According to Alderman v. US, 394 US 165 (1969)

1. Suppression of the product of a Fourth Amendment violation can be successfully urged only by those whose rights were violated by the search itself, and not those who are aggrieved solely by the introduction of damaging evidence. Thus, codefendants and coconspirators have no special standing, and cannot prevent the admission against them of information which has been obtained through electronic surveillance which is illegal against another. Pp. 394 U. S. 171-176.

So evidence obtained through an illegal S&S CAN be used against anyone except for those whom had their rights violated during the search (IE the home/business owners and no one else).
The Internet

Submission + - Internet shut down in Algeria (blogtechnical.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Just 3 weeks ago, the war raged on in Egypt but now revolution has come to Algeria as its country’s citizens also fight for freedom from President Abdelaziz Boutifleka’s rule. The government has gone ahead and shut down the Internet and even had many activists Facebook accounts deleted.

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