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Comment SnapRaid (Score 2) 475

Its not the only solution of its type, but it is imo the best:


It is perfect for your kind of situation - long term, reliable, efficient storage of lots of data that seldom changes. Think of it as offline RAID backup, it works like RAID, but it computes parity during your backup operations "offline"..

The beauty of it, imo, is that is is not file system dependent. It works with NTFS, EXT2, HFS, whatever. It works on Linux, Windows, Macs, whatever. You don't need special controllers, and your hard drivers do not have to be matched to each other. You can even include drives on different buses (some on USB, some on SATA, whatever).

It doesn't mess with your data at all - your files are stored normally and can be accessed normally, there is no difference between using it and not using it under normal operation - there is no performance impact at all (it only does anything during backup operations - and even then it is very lightweight if your data doesn't change drastically day to day). You just schedule it to run on a regular basis and it does it thing. It detects and recovers from bit rot in much the same way as ZFS (although you need double parity or more to really ensure full protection from multiple drive failures). You can be as paranoid as you want, it just takes more storage to be more paranoid :)

It isn't good for frequently changing data, and it isn't so great for huge amounts of small files either. It takes a long time to generate parity setup if you have lots of data. You have to be comfortable with command line usage and you have to have some way to schedule jobs. Those issues aside, for things like media libraries and archival storage, it is easily the least painful, most effective solution I have ever used. And its free to boot (and opensource).

Highly Recommended.


Android Trojan Records Phone Calls 74

jbrodkin writes "A new Android Trojan is capable of recording phone conversations, according to a CA security researcher. While a previous Trojan found by CA logged the details of incoming and outgoing phone calls and the call duration, new malware identified this week records the actual phone conversations in AMR format and stores the recordings on the device's SD card. The malware also 'drops a 'configuration' file that contains key information about the remote server and the parameters,' CA security researcher Dinesh Venkatesan writes, perhaps suggesting that the recorded calls can be uploaded to a server maintained by an attacker. Installation of the Trojan requires some user interaction, but the malware recreates the look and feel of the standard Android application installation process, and may fool some unsuspecting users."

Comment Don't see the problem... (Score 1) 306

34% of iPhone Owners Think the 4 Is 4G

...and 100% of that 34% don't have a clue what 4G is. Apple is the beneficiary of a lucky coincidence of major version numbering, that is all.

The fact that 4=4 of course triggers an automatic assumption - but anyone who would actually know what 4G actually is would quickly (and easily) determine that assumption was wrong.

I say just let the rest think they have 4G if it makes them feel better. They wouldn't know the difference anyway...

Comment Re:How much power comparatively? (Score 3, Insightful) 152

Hardly any. I remember skimming through a study of component power consumption and IIRC memory topped out at something like 5% total draw. So memory with half the power draw will buy you about 10 minutes. Whoopdeefuckingdoo.

That is with the display turned on... Most portable devices spend a considerable amount of time with the display turned off to conserve power. To put this into perspective, on an HTC Desire android device with an AMOLED display the screen uses about 50%-60% of total power, memory is probably like you said around 5% (I have never seen hard numbers for the power draw only for memory, but 5% is probably close). If it is 5% with the display on, it would be around 15% or so when it is off, which is quite a bit more significant. Also, memory always uses power - even when it is not storing anything useful... Hence the more memory the device has the more power the RAM draws. Just saying, cutting RAM power use in half can be quite significant. It might be 10 minutes if you are using the device constantly, but it could well be an hour or more of extra standby time depending on how heavily you use the device.

Comment WTF? (Score 1) 116

affords willing participants plausible deniability in the assault.

Seriously? There are actually enough people that willingly want to do this kind of thing that it deserves a post on slashdot?

Please, if you care about the internet at all don't be coerced into doing this kind of thing - it is the digital equivalent of pissing in the pool...

Comment Re:Lone voice of reason... (Score 1) 819

Nice Troll. No, I do NOT value my personal property over the environment - but I also do not see it as and either or thing... Unlike you, I value my social environment at least as much if not more than the physical one - they BOTH need to be healthy and functional for people to be happy.

Look, if you value the environment more than you value your neighbors right to live in a neighborhood that makes them feel comfortable, then MOVE. Your neighbors are the people who created those ordinances in the first place, did you consider the possibility that many of them LIKE them and don't see things the way you do?

I am all for seeing a group of people petitioning their city council to have these kinds of things repelled if it makes sense to the community at large - meaning go out and convince your neighbors to see things your way if you can. Ordinances are easy to change if you have the votes. But if you find your neighbors are all opposed to your world view, then maybe you should move instead of just defiantly breaking the ordinance. Just breaking the rules demonstrates nothing but contempt for the very people you are choosing to live next door to...

ps. And all this talk about "its no own else's business what I do with my own yard"... If you REALLY believe that you are the definition of anti-social (and a selfish asshole too). A neighborhood is not just a geographical location - it is more than the sum of its parts, and believe it or not a lot people CARE about their neighborhoods and how they look. I admit it may mostly about property values, but that isn't the extent of it - your front yard says a lot about you as a person, and the combination of all the lawns in a neighborhood say a lot about its residents.

I admit I do not live in an area where water is scarce. If I did, I would probably think that this ordinance wasn't a very good idea and would try to convince my neighbors to agree with me. And if I could convince enough of them then I would likely go to the city council and try to get the ordinance changed. And if I couldn't convince them and it was REALLY important to me, I would probably seriously consider moving. I would NOT, however, feel compelled to simply break the ordinance to prove how green I was - that is selfish and arrogant, which was the point I was trying to make.

Comment Lone voice of reason... (Score 3, Insightful) 819

This will probably be interpreted as a flame, but it isn't meant to be one. The _reason_ these kinds of city ordinances exist is because people wanted them - and they wanted them because they help protect property values.

No matter how noble or righteous you might think ripping up your lawn and replacing it with wood chips is, it is still violating the ordinance.

If I lived next door I frankly wouldn't give a crap how Eco-friendly the sea of wood chips next door was - if it looked like crap and it was next to my house I would be pissed off. I'm all for creative ways to help the environment and save money - but not if it means violating ordinances that exist for very good reason.

Doing things like this is frankly makes you look like a child acting out... "The environment is more important than these stupid rules and there are just too many people that don't care about the environment so I will defy them in a effort to get the rules changed. So there!"

Yes, in the grand scheme of things the environment is more important. So what does that have to do exactly with this particular ordinance? Nothing, zip. The point is if you actually wanted to change the ordinance the way to go about it is to convince your neighbors its a good idea and go to the city council. Its done ALL THE TIME all over the country. Good luck with that in this particular case - people LIKE grass.

Comment Escolar = White Tuna (Score 1) 554

Not everywhere of course, but in many regions the common name for Escolar is White Tuna... The fact that Albacore is ALSO referred to as White Tuna does not make this fraudulent naming. In fact in most Sushi restaurants I have frequented, Escolar is MUCH more expensive and is intentionally distinguished from other Tuna varieties. I usually see it labeled as "White Tuna (Escolar)". This is definitely not meant to fool the customer into thinking it is Tuna, it is because that is what they themselves have learned to identify it as. Anyone who enjoys Albacore would _immediately_ know the difference as Escolar is VERY different...

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