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Submission + - Ask Slashtot: How to determine if your IOT device is part of a botnet? 1

galgon writes: There has been a number of stories of IoT devices becoming part of
Botnets and being used in DDOS Attacks. If these devices are seemingly working correctly to the user how would they ever know the device was compromised? Is there anything the average user can do to detect when they have a misbehaving device on their network?

Comment Re: The only thing it will do (Score 1) 866

The US has lots of available land but not in areas people want to live. Of course the want to live part is usually linked in some way to job availability but obviously lots of other factors like family, climate, etc. It would be interesting to see what would happen with UBI. Would people spread out more than they do today or would everyone stay in the cities and suburbs they are in today and just pay more for their housing. What I will say is UBI will certainly be great for the housing market in most locations. (Detroit not so much).

Comment Re: Ask the Dutch About Homelessness (Score 2) 866

Unemployment goes up when jobs go away. In this case there would be more people volunteering to leave the workforce. They would not be counted in any unemployment number I am aware of unless you look strictly at the number of people who do not have jobs regardless of if they want One. This actually would decrease normal unemployment measures assuming the number of jobs stays constant.

Comment Re: The only thing it will do (Score 2) 866

Lowering wages is hard to do. Say ubi is 20k a year. Cutting all salaries by 20k is not feasible. Those currently making 20-30k will just stop working. So there is some minimum you have to pay to make it worthwhile to go to work each day. Beyond that the people with more experience obviviously want more money for their more difficult jobs. So no real way to take X amount out of salaries with UBI. Could you decease by a percentage - maybe. But that would require all employers to do that together. Or the ones that do not decrease will get the more talented people and those that did decrease will struggle to find people. However one thing that could bring down the salaries is severe unemployment. If robots/AI take a significant portion of jobs high unemployment could push down salaries.

Comment Re: The only thing it will do (Score 1) 866

The assumption is that there is a finite resource of housing that is distributed based on current income levels and has high occupancy rates. If you raise the income of the people on the lower end they will have the income to live in housing equivalent of this new income level. This could be homeless who can afford housing or people living in small dwellings that want larger ones. Except there is not enough equavent hosing for this new income level so instead prices rise. Example - new college grads often live together in small places because housing is expensive. If you had this basic income they could all afford their own place. Except there is not enough housing for all to have their own place. So demand for nicer housing goes up and therefore rents go up. Then college grads live together again in their small place spending much more on that place than they would have without the basic income in place. The argument should hold true anywhere there is high occupancy.

Comment Re: older cars (Score 2) 192

Yes older cars are easier to maintain but the newer ones are outlasting them. Current average is almost 11 years before scrapping compared to under 7 in 1930. Sure you could fix the old cars up but with all that sheet metal rust was a major concern. I know old guys complain about the new plastic boxes on the roads these days but you hardly ever see rusted cars anymore. Besides in 10-15 years when you go to scrap your ford you can upgrade to a self driving car.

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