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Submission + - NSA CTO Patrick Dowd Moonlighting for Private Security Firm (

un1nsp1red writes: Current NSA CTO Patrick Dowd has taken a part-time position with former-NSA director Keith Alexander's security firm IronNet Cybersecurity — while retaining his position as chief technology officer for the NSA. The Guardian states that "Patrick Dowd continues to work as a senior NSA official while also working part time for Alexander’s IronNet Cybersecurity, a firm reported to charge up to $1m a month for advising banks on protecting their data from hackers. It is exceedingly rare for a US official to be allowed to work for a private, for-profit company in a field intimately related to his or her public function." Some may give Alexander a pass on the possible conflict of interests as he's now retired, but what about a current NSA official moonlighting for a private security firm?

Submission + - Impeach Obama for lying to his electorate, countrymen, and the world (

gale the simple writes: In 1998, We the People, or at least the Republican party, decided to impeach the President Clinton for lying about a blowjob.

In 2013, We the People made the first, if only symbolic gesture, call to impeach President Obama for lying to the American people in particular, and the world in general.

On the recent Leno Show that we don't have a domestic spying program. Based on the recent revelations, he simply lied.

While I, personally, do not think the President will be impeached based on We the People petition system, I do believe it is worth a while to let the White House know that this behavior is not tolerated from our highest elected officials.

Submission + - The service of Snowden and the apparent change of political landscape (

gale the simple writes: NY Times is not exactly known for being amiably disposed towards Snowden and his recent disclosure of NSA programs. It is, therefore, somewhat surprising that a subject of a debate about rolling back some of the massive surveillance state is actually shown there.
Maybe Noam Chomsky was right. There are good journalists out there. It is just not often that they have a window of opportunity in which to post.

Submission + - Clapper admits to lying... kinda (

gale the simple writes: "I regret that my poor choice of words caused some people to understand what I was saying."

Those words are currently serve as a mild paraphrasing of what Clapper said regarding his recent responses to Ron Wyden. The qualification / explanation offered by Clapper was that the answer the "least untruthful"; he did however manage to also say that his position was 'Clearly Erroneous'... so we have a progress of sorts.

Comment Huffington got one thing absolutely right... (Score 1) 231

We need something more than a non-profit. Unfortunately, or fortunately dependent on your worldview, we need an organization that is able to financially at least make the congresscritters consider that going against this particular organization, might cost them future seat in a position of power.

SOPA failed partly because Google got involved. CISPA faced challenges only from normal peons like me or you, non-profits and few companies (FB and MS ).

And some recent speeches from people in power prove that they simply do not care. The attitude of "I IS A SENATOR, I OWN YOU LIL MAN" starts becoming a norm and not a stigmatized exception.

Sheet, Rogers simply dismissed us as lil ppl who don't know shit.

Submission + - Rep. Mike Rogers dismisses CISPA opponents "14 year old tweeter on the internet"

gale the simple writes: Mike Rodgers made a minor splash today when he decided to liken CISPA opponents to a 14 year old basement dwellers. EFF , naturally, immediately picked up on this generalization and asked everyone to let the representative know that it is not just the 14 year olds that care about the privacy and the government raping our collective behinds, metaphorically speaking.

If you happen to be older than the 14 year old, do not hesitate to contact the Michigan representative to give him some sort of idea about the people who actually oppose him.

Twitter-wise, he can be reached at @RepMikeRogers

Comment yahoo.. and now twitter (Score 1) 335

Given that France is the place where yahoo has lost its perceived power of teh interwebz precisely over the same crap ( only then people were bidding on nazi memorabilia - forbidden in France ), it will be very interesting to see if twitter folds on that one. I do not see why it should, but France, along Germany, is the country that gives orders in the EU now.

And yahoo caved in...I certainly do hope does not repeat itself; antisemitic content or not.

Comment Well... (Score 1) 133

.. I do not know about you, but I am done pirating.

    On a more serious note, do the people making those decisions recognize the amount of ill will created by their actions? If I was not so old and did not care the new shiny everyone and their mother needs to have, I would probably start pirating out of spite...I am certain teenagers don't do things they are expressly forbidden from doing..
  But maybe I am ageist; I do teach the old folk basic computer skills for my volunteer work. Last week the first question was how do I get the free music on the interwebz..
  So mpaa and their equivalents listen up: Tempus fugit... adapt or perish

Comment Re:How is this gasping news (Score 1) 443

Pretty much this. Own up to the mistake you make.

  Someone hit my car & run away on NYE. I assume he/she was drunk, but they could have left a note if they did not want to be caught drunk at the time...and do the right thing.

Albeit I still hope, I do not think, that whoever hit my toy will be fessing up on FB. I think people are slowly adjusting to the fact that FB posts are not private and are acting accordingly.

Comment Re:Sexist? (Score 1) 690

You know what? Stop. I will attempt to give you some perspective.

Every single year, the US becomes a home to countless immigrants. Those are the people who often come here with nothing or very little and yet manage to arrive at a certain level of living comfort. Those are the people with modest means representing all possible races, religions and backgrounds. They manage. And some of them are not even, gasp, white.

I am a Pollack, and I have to deal with stereotypes of my group on a regular basis too. But I roll with the punches and do what I can to change the perception of my group. I do not whine like a little PC bitch; not to the point where gvmt has to create Affirmative Action For Pollacks anyway.

This is the part that amuses me. You do not want to be treated differently? Then try to get down and dirty with the rest of us peons.

Comment I know what we need... (Score 1) 1168

...and I am as surprised as you, but I am almost completely serious now. We need NRA for gamers. We need:

No. Because. Fuck You. Association.

Only then we can have some peace. For the record, as a kid, I played most of the violent games of the day. I am hardly a violent person; in fact, I am mildly derided for not being aggressive. Maybe I had a proper outlet..

But what do I know. I am just a mass of inluences in the culture that propagates violence at every turn.

I know. Maybe we could ban wars. Wait, I know. People cause wars. Maybe we could ban people. That would prevent wars and violence. No people. No violence. No problem...

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