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Comment Re:For those people not in the USA (Score 1) 76

My best guess is that the "previous owner" of your number (of the SIM) had registered it to Google Voice. They cancelled/lost their service and the number was freed up, which you unluckily chose. But because GV had it registered elsewhere, it didn't allow you to register it (you can't have 1 number connected to 2 different GV accounts).

If it wasn't that then I'd say it had something to do with your Google account, maybe being connected on VPN or maybe just that the account was initially registered overseas. Not the SIM card or the plan you chose though.

Comment Re:Remember when Apple went full USB? (Score 5, Insightful) 332

This is the exact argument that I'm sure someone at Apple made -- and the exact argument that shows that some people just don't get it.

Headphones are not SCSI hard drives. Headphones are not PS/2 mice. One of my favorite pairs of headphones was purchased around the same year I once bought a SCSI card (1996), and I still use them today.

They're an item which is very personal. You don't wear a hard drive. You WEAR headphones. On walks to class or work, riding the subway, on transcontinental flights, lying in bed late at night. They may be pressed up against or even inside your ears for hours each day. When someone who uses headphones a lot finds a pair that they love, it's a bond that is not easily broken. And certainly not for something new that will either 1. easily get lost, 2. require recharging at some inconvenient time or 3. die a slow death as their rechargeable batteries wear out.

Apple was the brand for many musicians and music producers. Taking away the audio jack was another big "fuck you" to that following who were long some of Apple's most ardent supporters.

Comment Re:This is only happening because DOJ blocked ATT (Score 2) 61

Came here to say exactly this. The AT&T takeover was blocked primary because the FCC thought it would reduce competition and harm consumers. And look, now T-Mobile has lead the way in creating competition in the marketplace which will benefit all consumers.

This is a shining example of the success of regulated capitalism.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Hotel EuroUnion... (Score 4, Insightful) 315

Angela Merkel, arguably the most powerful of the EU leaders, said there's no need to be nasty to the UK in response to Brexit (i.e. punish them, as you're suggesting). The reality is that the UK will be punishing itself, because it's leaving the club (the EU) and losing the benefits, including free trade with the rest of the EU. This fact alone is enough for any company which had its EU headquarters in the UK to realize they probably need to move to the continent. That's a lot of jobs leaving the country.

Comment Re:My old phone had a replaceable battery (Score 4, Insightful) 210

People complained about the bulk and weight of having a removable cover and another layer of hard plastic around the battery.

No, they didn't. I've never heard one actual person using a cell phone in the real world make that complaint. It's strictly an issue for the gadget review press. And besides, what are you talking about? Extra plastic? A non-removable battery is still covered by the phone case. There's no extra layer of hard plastic, just the small tabs or whatever mechanism keeps the cover attached.

Mod parent up. And I'd like to add: A non-removable battery is an issue, or shall we say plan, for the manufacturers who want to ensure obsolescence.

Comment Re: Buying not needed (Score 1) 207

I've long used the bootable utility MHDD and its "erase" command (followed by "scan" with erase delays, and then scan with "remap"). It's a low-level diagnostic tool, and apparently erases remapped sectors (hence the need for the following scans). I've never established with certainty whether the erase command is using the ATA secure erase method or not, but it's certainly faster than using DBAN and with the added bonus of erasing remapped sectors. It's been a great tool for extending the life of old hard drives which go in computers for Craigslist or donation.

Comment This makes so much sense for developing countries (Score 4, Insightful) 33

Outside of urban areas in many developing countries (India being a great example), internet speeds can slow to a crawl during waking hours as everyone is doing their online thing and traffic is going through a single connection from that town or village, often through a repeater to a repeater to a repeater that might get you 1.0 Mbps when congestion isn't an issue (during the middle of the night).

Given that video takes huge bandwidth, and YouTube is the single largest provider of free video content, this tactic is actually long overdue. Not only will it make people's YouTube experience more pleasant, but it will also likely make the internet experience of everyone in that village/town/region/country much less frustrating.

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