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Operating Systems

Submission + - New VMware doesn't need OS, avoids Linux issue? (

NotAVMwareEmployee writes: VMware has announced on their website a new ESX product, known as ESX Server 3i, which does not require a general purpose OS to run, load, or manage the hypervisor, but has a hypervisor that loads and runs right down on the hardware, with a remote command line interface. Could this be a response to the questions raised about ESX's vmkernel being a derivative work of the Linux kernel?

Submission + - AMD Confirms Triple Core Phenom is Quad Core (

Godsmack74 writes: "We have confirmation from AMD that the triple core Phenom is based on the same Die as the Quad core and internally they are the same. This makes a lot of sense for the chipmaker as they will be wasting less usable chips and will be able to offer an additional product to the market. This kind of tactic is not new to AMD and has served them well in the past. As you saw from our previous news announcement we suspected the triple core to be a quad with the fourth disabled some time ago. Check out this video about the new processor and gaming here. Read About it Here"

Submission + - Tons of email-Does anything beat evolution?

media1mogul writes: "Help? Do you get a large volume of mail every day? How do you deal with it? What's better if anything than evolution? I left M$ behind when my company refreshed my laptop. (I'm running SLED 10 on a t60p). Email and the ability to search it is crucial to my job. I've got a ton of email and I get a ton every day. (du -sh./evolution=5GB). Evolution is awsomely flexible, but it's no more stable than MS outlook and it goes away for 1/2 hr at time to re-index my search folders. Is there a better product out there? More stable? Faster? Or maybe a tool better than beagle for indexing all this stuff? Thanks!"

Submission + - WorldView-1 Satellite Launch Successful (

eldavojohn writes: "The latest and greatest imaging satellite has been launched & is now circling some 300 miles above the earth. The company DigitalGlobe will be launching WorldView-2 late next year. The amount of data the first satellite is capable of harvesting is staggering, from the article: 'WorldView-1 was designed to collect up to 290,000 square miles' worth of imagery a day — an area about the size of Texas. Information gathered by the 5,000-pound probe can be used by governments and companies to assess damage after a natural disaster or plan escape routes before a catastrophe, the company said. It is expected to be in operation for about seven years.'"

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