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Comment Wait What? (Score 1) 413

Seems to me it's not the same, who aside from Moss sends an email when there's a fire or emergency? No you dial 911 or 999 depending on country or 0118 999 881 999 119 7253.

Let's also be clear you could not use a phone to look at porn.

Let's assume this is a good program, now where exactly will the funds come from for these underprivileged people to be able to afford computers? Will these be provided?

This is the straw that broke Perl's back.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 94

"A system the customers want?"

Hell prior to a few years ago a cloud was in the sky, not a server in some far away place, some marketing pinhead spoke with a forked tongue to convince people they needed something they had never heard of. Promise the world, contents may differ from images. Real world results may vary.

Gouging, storage costs are less than a dollar a gig these days, you are paying both for that space and the host providers bandwidth to support your use. Gouging.

Comment Re:Not sure why this article was written (Score 1) 94

You seem to be confusing an actual server with a re-purposed computer that corp would write off due to EOL that is re-purposed as a storage server.

So at home while I could never afford that $24k server, I could setup my own data storage server with tons of space seeing how drives are cheap these days. You can even build in redundancy as well as hot-swap if you really wanted to.

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