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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Wireless Cybercriminals Target Clueless Vacationer

schwit1 writes: Story from Fox News about "The newest trend in Internet fraud is "vacation hacking," a sinister sort of tourist trap."

Cybercriminals are targeting travelers by creating phony Wi-Fi hot spots in airports, in hotels, and even aboard airliners.

In 2008, Silicon Valley-based AirTight Networks, a wireless security company, sent a team of "white-hat" hackers — good guys who try to thwart "black hat" hackers — around the world on an international airport study.

They checked the Wi-Fi networks at 27 airports — 20 in the U.S., five in Asia and two in Europe — and the results were not good.

And everywhere they looked, they found fake Wi-Fi hot spots set up by hackers phishing for suckers — and there were plenty of suckers to be had.

Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 72

If that's the case, I'm going to run a genetic code generator for a few thousand iterations, get some really meaningless routines, make a random main(), add some TicTacToe code, then submit it for review: HotTicTacToe as a 7MB binary... Let them figure it out.

Comment Re:Time to reconsider "anti-worms":? (Score 1) 239

Go for it. See if you can reverse engineer conficker's encrypted and digitally signed binaries. It's only RC4 and MD-6. MD-6 was only released a few weeks prior to the first wild sightings of version C. Still wanna mess with these guys? Then all you have to do is figure out which of the 50,000 domains spread across ~120 .tlds to register so you can put your binary on it for when conficker does it's daily payload check.

Or if you want, you can try to infiltrate it via its own P2P network. You better be quick, if conficker detects it is being debugged, it quits. Can't look at the code? Hmmm, maybe look at the p2p protocol? Doh! you cannot run wireshark on an infected system, conficker process kills just about anything you would use for disinfecting every second (though I might change the .exe name of a tool i was using). But even then you have to figure out the digital signature before conficker will run your binary, it's a 4096 bit key, you better get started. Bonus points for breaking it before the authors update it.

This worm is piece of work. It memory patches your dns resolver. It kills your security products. With it's encryption, every copy is different. It hides with random file name, in several locations, date same as your kernel, and the registry entries get pretty names most would overlook on a quick glance. The ports it opens are a function of your IP address, so you cannot just look for port xyz traffic, but a remote conficker can figure out which ports should be open for your IP. It does updates with a plain URL that no IDS could catch without red flagging genuine HTTP requests. It closes it's infection vector but opens another back door. It pokes holes in your firewall, and gives them pretty names too. But wait there's more! It tries to spread through network shares with weak passwords and copies itself to the modern sneakernet of USB drives. Its IP scanner even avoids unregistered address space.

The authors of this worm seem to be a few steps ahead of everyone. It's weaknesses get patched, it's vulnerabilities get updated. As long as we have people running pirated copies of Windows, or people too afraid to auto-update for whatever reason, we better get used to things just "living" in the internet. Anti-worm? goodluckwiththat!

Real Time Strategy (Games)

Early Praise For Empire: Total War 79

CVG had a chance to preview Empire: Total War, the latest in Creative Assembly's popular strategy series. This installment focuses on a time period which includes the Industrial Revolution and the struggle for US independence. CVG praises the intuitive interface and the improved AI, as well as the level of detail shown in large-scale battles. Quoting: "With a single mouse click I changed my troops' attack orders to melee and sent a sea of blue uniforms sweeping down the hill at the enemy. Zooming into the action revealed a previously unmatched level of battlefield realism and detail, with each motion captured soldier actively seeking out an opponent before engaging in a mortal shoving and stabbing match. Men toppled into the mud, squirming with terror before receiving a deft bayonet jab to the windpipe. After a titanic, 20-minute struggle the tide turned my way with the enemy hightailing it thanks in no small part to a bullet to the British general's head that broke his men's morale."

Huge iPhone Cut-and-Paste Tool Security Flaw 85

Harry writes "I'm using Pastebud, the new third-party copy-and-paste solution for the iPhone. It's extremely clever, using a Web-based clipboard to get around the fact that Apple doesn't provide one on the phone. Unfortunately, it seems to be giving users access to e-mails that other Pastebud users send to their clipboards. This has happened to me repeatedly and is being reported by other users in Pastebud's Get Satisfaction support forum. Pastebud is operational and still doing this as I write, even though a message at Get Satisfaction says they're working on the problem."

Comment Re:Epic Fail! (Couldn't resist) (Score 1) 244

> 1) What happens 10 years down the line when the game is abandonware? Can I still install it, even though the Key can't verify, and the company doesn't exist anymore?

I found out what happens. The CD stops working. If you remove it from the drive and look close, there are black squiggles where the aluminum substrate has dissolved. I thought fading magnetic bits on 5.25" floppies was bad. At least those didn't dissolve. I'm stickin' with stone tablets.

Besides, if these guys really want to stop piracy, they should get off their asses and send some warships to the Gulf of Aden and Somalia. Put up or shut up guys. Sheesh.

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