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Comment Reason for caution: mechanisms not understood (Score 3, Insightful) 293

The models used to predict and support climate change theories are only as good as the assumptions that go in to them. Here is more proof that the assumptions are based on an incomplete knowledge of the processes at work. So the science behind climate change is flawed and we are being fed half-truths BUT BUT BUT

Climate change is likely happening for reasons we don't fully understand however why does fear of it have to be the reason we do things? Why does it take fear to motivate us to use resources more efficiently, harvest resources less destructively, and consume more prudently? Why can't we do those things simply because it is the only rational and reasonable way to proceed?

Comment Re: Fat (Score 1) 283

Tend to agree with this. Fact is, it's always about pointing to someone _else_ to do the fixing. It's never "_I_ will do without my fave foods (beef?)/air conditioning/car/phone and PC and TV/swimming pool/fast food ..." And as always no solutions (for others to implement) are valid except a return to the Stone Age ... which simply isn't an option. Nuclear power is safely manageable and the most logical solution to clean energy. Educate yourself if you think otherwise ... and _do_ something about climate change besides ranting about it online.

Comment not evil ... just devs being devs (Score 1) 97

likely just the devs making reaching out and touching a device easier on themselves.

just think, the devs can push updates and instant fixes. they can also properly assess a customer complaint to see if it is their device or the customer has a crapload of malware on the device. its all just good business.

not everything is a nefarious conspiracy.

Comment Blog vague on when, why ... and the problem (Score 1) 52

During the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver? The blog contains no information on the _one_ use of the Stingray. What is the blog hiding? They had the info since the blog writes:

"The VPD provided some context for its previous use of a Stingray and on the basis of the information they gave us, we can vouch for their past use (and they say there’s only been one) being legitimate, appropriate and properly authorized."

So, the time the Vancouver Police Force did use it (kept secret by the blogger?), it was legitimate, appropriate, and properly authorized ... from which the blog seems to conclude that obviously it has been and is being used illegitimately, inappropriately, and unauthorized. What?

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