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Comment This reprehensible activity had to be studied? (Score 1) 148

Seriously. Nobody knew this?

I'll go a step further: You're no longer exchanging a view, you are tacitly indicating that the correspondance is now one way: "me (and the boss) to you". Cc'ing any senior means you are at best a 'toady' sucking up to the senior or a 'bully' using the senior's e-presence to quell any discussion.

The action also has side effects. It can clog a senior's inbox losing useful correspondance in the 'noise' of all the frivolous Cc's.

Comment FTFA: "... 'var' confuses JAVA programmers ... " (Score 1) 300

Did not know know of this implied criteria for language design which by extension means any new language must not confuse JAVA programmers.

And the language certainly can't be functional ... because _that_ confuses Java programmers.

Conclusion: we should all just use JAVA. ... no thank you.

Comment Why the persistent underestimation? (Score 2) 75

More proof that biology is not science. The persistent underestimation of where life can exist, how intelligent various form of life are, questions of feeling pain or emotion ... it just signals that biology is nothing more than an observational practice with no first principles and deeply flawed fundamental assumptions about almost every aspect of the field.

Comment and structure linked to time of year of birth !! (Score 0) 212

Yes, depending where the sun appeared to be when you were born affects the structure of your brain. Also, there appears to be an additional 12 year cycle affecting brain structure. For instance, people born in the coming year will have personalities similar to those of a rooster.

Comment Not barred ... just too lazy to do the process (Score 0) 372

Yes, before someone in any institution starts shooting their mouth off to the press their supervisors should know. Why? Because the _agency_ not the individual making the remarks (communicating with the public === speaking to the media) will bear the brunt of whatever the outcome of the interview is. The 'ban' isn't a ban per se, it's a requirement to properly advise the organization of the person's intent to tacitly speak on behalf of the organization. Nothing wrong with that and those who don't want to follow the process are just lazy.

Besides, the scientists can still publish so what's the problem?

Comment Reason for caution: mechanisms not understood (Score 3, Insightful) 293

The models used to predict and support climate change theories are only as good as the assumptions that go in to them. Here is more proof that the assumptions are based on an incomplete knowledge of the processes at work. So the science behind climate change is flawed and we are being fed half-truths BUT BUT BUT

Climate change is likely happening for reasons we don't fully understand however why does fear of it have to be the reason we do things? Why does it take fear to motivate us to use resources more efficiently, harvest resources less destructively, and consume more prudently? Why can't we do those things simply because it is the only rational and reasonable way to proceed?

Comment Re: Fat (Score 1) 283

Tend to agree with this. Fact is, it's always about pointing to someone _else_ to do the fixing. It's never "_I_ will do without my fave foods (beef?)/air conditioning/car/phone and PC and TV/swimming pool/fast food ..." And as always no solutions (for others to implement) are valid except a return to the Stone Age ... which simply isn't an option. Nuclear power is safely manageable and the most logical solution to clean energy. Educate yourself if you think otherwise ... and _do_ something about climate change besides ranting about it online.

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