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Comment But ... the system worked. They already knew ... (Score 1) 660

... the shooter was a problem. They didn't know exact plans and timings, but they had successfully identified a potential problem.

As with so many previous incidents, the current 'spying' privileges allowed the identification of a potential problem.

What was lacking was funding to allow continued surveillance, NOT more in depth surveillance, just more surveillance. See the difference?

Is there a belief that deeper 'spying' will permit law enforcement to do more with increasingly less funding?

Comment Biology is not science, it's just 'collecting'. (Score 1) 48

If biology had any kind of 'first principles' like say physics or math, its researchers would not be constantly surprised by things like this.
There doesn't seem to be any "I wonder if ..." thinking in biology to push the boundaries of what is known, to intuit what might not yet have been discovered the way there is (again) in math and physics. And since medical research depends in large part on biological foundations, what is the real hope progress?

Comment Recruiting ... dead people? How hard is that? (Score 1) 119

Recruiter: "So Mr ... ah .. Smith. My final question for you is the important one. As for the previous questions, your silence will be interpreted as consent. So, Mr. Smith would you like to be part of our study? '

Brain Dead Person (Mr. Smith):

Recruiter: "Excellent! Welcome aboard, great to have you on the team. Our people will draft up the paperwork and we'll get right to work. Thank you for your cooperation."

Comment Because ... older people have been around (Score 1) 837

No surprise that older people are more skeptical. In fact, that's kind of a silly observation.

Of course they are! They've had decades more experience in being served BS and are more aware of the fact that some people will intentionally mislead other people for personal gain.

Once upon a time the phrase was, "[The young] are more impressionable." Well, yeah. There was another: "If you are not a socialist when you are young, you have no heart. If you are still a socialist when you are old, you have no brain." So be a climate activist when you are young, and when you get old well you'll be wiser ... and seen as the 'doubter' for whatever the youth issue of the future is.

Comment Spoiler: the pigs died (Score 2) 110

The article makes the point about 'rather than killing the baboons'. The baboons weren't exactly enjoying a 'life' but you can see where this would go. It would be cheaper if you could reuse baboons (expensive) for successive hearts.

Odd: The article concludes that experiments have to be carried out using the process but with animals whose own hearts have been removed. Not sure what the point is. Apparently, a pig's heart when left in the pig will beat for at least a decade if not prematurely stopped.

Comment 1 wifi access point BUT 4 antennas (Score 1) 100

From the paper cited, direction is calculated assuming 2 antennas on the access point and 2 antennas on the client ... and then doing an optimization to find the most likely location. When it is correct, you have good accuracy. So the most interesting part is the calculation of time of flight as that is tricky over small distances given how fast light travels.

If they wanted to make it directional without all the caveats, simply beamform the wifi from the access point, and have it scan in bearing, the way radar of sonar does.

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