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Comment Re:Freetards Unite! (Score 1) 135

First of all, no one said anything about free. Talk is cheap. These people are taking action.

This is not the audience demanding content for free. These editors realize that the actual articles are being paid for by tax dollar and should allow open access. They tried to reason with Elesevier but Elesevier would not budge on the point. They then took action, they all resigned and have started their own open access journal. At this point they can operate a a non-profit and do all the editing as willing donations of their time or they can charge for accepting articles.

The people who would be reading this Journals wold not be Freetards. Those articles are paid for by the tax dollars of the readership. The articles that are not paid for by tax dollars have authors that made a decision. They had a choice of publishing in the gated and expensive Elesevier Journal or in the Open Journal. Even though publishing in either journal would have a cost to them. The authors chose to publish in the Open Journal.

That is how the free market works

Comment Re:Causes cancer (Score 5, Informative) 428

The Warburg Effect

Cancer loves sugar. Cancer cells consume sugar at 8 times the rate of normal cells. Warburg won the Nobel prize for this discovery.

Yes both sugar and flour are bad for you. There is thing called "Diseases of Western Civilization" and they come along when sugar and flour start showing up in your diet.

Comment Re:What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

Gotta chime in here. Back in the late 90s I was rooming at a place in Portland OR. The woman who owned the house told me that she voted for Kitzhaber to be governor because he "looked good in a pair of jeans". I know people like that exist out there. As Dr. Science once said, "Your ignorance is appalling".

Comment Re: What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

So the solution to that is to say f*** it, I wont set up my insecure email on my phone with top secret email that lives on a government controlled email server.

I have a better idea. I will set up my own email server, store my top secret government email there and then have only one phone with an unsecured email account on it.

Considering the options above, for f**k sake, put the second unsecured personal account on your secured government phone.

Comment Re:Google is becoming irrelevant (Score 1) 165

I am sure the average person who is googling out information on Justin Bieber or wants a new pair of shoes will find Bing works just fine for them. However I am an IT professional and Google just seems to get it right where Bing does not seem to have a clue about what I am looking for.

I work with Linux and do quite a bit of programming as well as supporting Microsoft Windows desktops and servers. Every time I give Bing a chance with something I KNOW Google will show as the number one or two search result, Bing totally botches it up. Google just seems to know me to well. I can search for Screen and it usually realizes I am talking about GNU Screen.

I give them a chance about twice a year. So far all I have received in exchange for trying Bing has been frustration and substandard search results.

Comment Re:A more complete summary of the situation (Score 5, Insightful) 581

"as a community need to decide together what our values are".

I am pretty sure that is the same kind of "community" that Mark Shuttleworth had. We vote on everything and we all have a voice. Till he moves the window controls from the top right hand side (windows style) to the top left hand side (mac os style). The community voted to move them back. At which point Mark said he listens to community input but ultimately it is his decision.

The board of directors at Reddit have decided what their values are, and the new CEO has agreed with them to get the job. Now they will do an AMA where they put forth as many of their values as possible in such a way that it looks like the community came up with them. The remaining values they will Mark Shuttleworthed on the community.

Thank you for playing.

Comment AutoSSH (Score 2) 173

If you have one Linux system there with an account you have access to AND an server on your end that you can SSH into your set. On your server you need an account for them to log into which has their autossh users public key in the authorized_hosts file.

You want an excutable file named /etc/network/if-up.d/reverse-ssh

# Ensures that autossh keeps trying to connect
su -c "autossh -f -N -R *:$8000:localhost:22 -R *:$8001:localhost:5900 -oLogLevel=error -oUserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no" root

I have autossh run as root and log into the account pozer on At that point you have a computer on your network with port 8000 opened to their Linux box and 8001 available for vnc. I set the looged in users X destkop to autorun run "x11vnc -shared -forever" export their desktop over vnc. I also install UltraVNC on the windows PCs.

If you had a windows PC at you could add "-R *:8002:" to the above autossh command so you can reacn it with "vncviewer myserver:8002"

If you dont know the IP address till later you can set up a forward tunnel by remoting into their server over ssh. ssh remote@myserver -p 8000 -L *:8002:"

As long as there is a reverse tunnel you can use to create a connection back to their linux machine you can open up and access any port on their network. you can use vnserver to run a headless desktop in the background on their linux mint PC.

Comment Re: Webassembly means... (Score 1) 175

6502 assembly language rocked.

X register
Y register
Program Counter
6 status flags packed in 1 byte

Yielding 5 registers you had to track plus the Stack Pointer. With a total of 56 mnemonics/operands. It was a joy to program since you could remember what all the registers were doing in your head. On the other hand, with only one accumulator /general purpose register available, you did a LOT of gymnastics to get things done.

Example adding $18 to a number at memory location $1020

CLC clear the carry
LDA #$18 Get the number $18 the low byte of $0018
ADC $1020 add the low byte of the result to the accumulator
STA $1020 store in the low byte of the result
LDA #$00 get the number $00 the high byte of $0018
ADC $1021 add to it the high byte of the second, plus carry
STA $1021 store in the high byte of the result

No real cool instruction like ADD #$0018, $1020 you had to do it all. Conceptually it was easy to keep track of it all.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 249

7.8 billion in write offs. They are going to have to sell a LOT of phones to actually make a profit. At $78 profit per phone, they would need to sell 100 million phones just to break even.

I would also like to state that they hold about 3% of the market. Percentage wise they would need to quadruple their market share just to get back to 2005 numbers. A large shift is not likely. It is like Linux in the desktop market. Sure there are some bitter clingers who will hold on a Windows Phone (or Linux desktop for that matter), but the market has spoken and decided those people are a statistical anomaly, a rounding error.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 249

Yes, at the point Nokia was trying selling WinMo phones no one was buyingj and would not sell any Linux based phones though they were flying off the shelves despite not being marketed. The point where the company sold off Nokias phone business to Microsoft. That was the point Nokia was tanked. Having to leave the phone market by selling off to Microsoft.

The fact that Microsoft is now writing off more than the purchase price of Nokia AND is firing all the phone employees they picked up from Nokia, at this point I would say Nokia tanked, and it was Elop who set the course and was at the helm when it happened.

He was handed a bowl of lemons and made more failure out of it.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 3, Informative) 249

All besides the point. I was not talking about HOW they got to 2011. Instead I was talking about WHAT they were doing in 2011.

Symbian was a cash cow that had been milked past the point where it was healthy for Nokia. To that point, Nokia saw Maemo/Meego as their way out, switching to modern Linux based OS. Elop offered another choice. Shitcan Maemo and go to Windows Mobile instead.

No one knows how sticking with Maemo would have worked out. Would it have saved Nokia? Who knows?

We know how going with WinMo worked out. They lost a year of sales. Who wanted to buy a Symbian phone when they knew it was dead, anyone who wanted a non-linux Nokia handset just sat back and wait a year, thus tanking sales. The Linux based Nokia phones were selling like hotcakes despite the fact they were not being marketed. That was a pretty good sign going with WinMo was the wrong thing to do. Then when the new WinMo Nokia handsets arrived, the market rejected them.

Since they killed Maemo and sold off QT they had no option but to stick with WinMo at that point. The rest is history

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 5, Interesting) 249

Back in 2011 when Elop wrote the burning memo the handwriting was on the wall. Nokia was going to have trouble in the smart phone market. There is no way of knowing if their Linux offering that Elop canned to go with WinMo would have worked out for them. What was obvious even back then, was that moving to WinMo was a mistake. MS had gone from 12% of the smart phone market to under 4% by that point. No one was clamoring for new Windows 7.5 phone. Every Windows 6 phone user I knew had left for Apple or Google by that point in time, fed up random reboots on their phone that took 2 minutes to complete.

It did not help that at that point most of his wealth was invested in Microsoft stock and only a small amount in Nokia stock. It was in his best interest to try and save the Widnows phone. Elop had drank to much kool-aid and was convinced that anything Microsoft was the way to go and coupled with that financial interest he took Nokia in the wrong direction.

The only thing dumber than Elop tanking Nokia was Microsoft purchasing Nokia.

I take that back. Microsoft purchasing Skype was just as dumb. After spending over 9 billion on Skype and then having to upgrade the hardware infrastructure Skype runs on. I suspect Microsoft has another 10 billion or so it will need to write off.

Comment Re:Standing / smoking / standing (Score 2) 340

I agree. I find many tasks can be done standing up and I don't even think about what I am doing. However, if I have to work on a very complicated task I find I have a hard time concentrating or getting into it standing up and sitting works better for me. I was hoping that would improve over time. but after 9 months if it is complex and I have a problem concentrating, the problem goes away as soon as I am able to sit down.

I have a mat I use for a softened floor surface.

I work for a company that does aluminum metal fabrication. So a buddy of mine on his brake took about $10 in scrap aluminum and made me a setup that was custom to my measurements.

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