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Submission + - Low tech cleanup at Chinas Oil Spill

antaine9 writes: According to various reports, the people of China are using any means possible to try and clean up the spill which happened last friday in northern port city of Dalian. The spill occured when a pipeline exploded, releasing a flow of oil into the Yellow Sea. Residents are reported to be using Chopsticks, pieces of wood and plastic, in fact anything they can lay their hands on. They join the some forty skimming vessels and 800 fishing boats, all gunning to prevent further contamination. As shocking as this disaster is, it is still not even touching on how appalling the ongoing Gulf spill is! Makes yout think...

Submission + - Managing the Most Remote Data Center in the World (

blackbearnh writes: Imagine that your data center was in the most geographically remote location in the world. Now imagine that you can only get to it 4 months of the year. Just for fun, add in some of the most extreme weather conditions in the world. That's the challenge that faces John Jacobsen, one of the people responsible for making sure that the data from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory makes it all the way from the South Pole to researchers across the world. In an interview recorded at OSCON, Jacobsen talks about the problems that he has to face, which includes (surprisingly) keeping the data center cool. If you're ever gripped because you had to haul yourself across town in the middle of the night to fix a server crash, this interview should put things in perspective...

Submission + - Truly Useful Workplace Hardware/Software Mashups

dawfun writes: I work in a thoroughly corporate environment supporting about 2,000 "business" people and have been tasked with identifying technology, tools, services, etc, that would be useful for end-users throughout our global organization. I'm trying to stretch the boundaries a little, looking for some creative ideas that wouldn't be of the typical executive "in-flight magazine" variety; maybe a creative and unexpected use of an otherwise mundane tool or gadget, an interesting hardware mashup like this, or some other clever repurposing of consumer technology to suit a real business use-case. There's got to be some examples that blend familiar consumer-oriented tools, gadgets, and software with business-oriented solutions that are more than just some gimmick or impractical indulgence. What creative technology solutions do your sales, technology, marketing, product development, management, and/or support staff use which are possibly somewhat low-fi but creative and surprisingly useful?

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