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Comment Re:If it isn't broke... (Score 1) 145

One of the things that has changed is that back before the internet and sites like Kayak, Orbitz, etc the query rate for free seats and ticket prices was in the 1000s per hour.

With automated scrapers, those queries have gone into the millions per hour and it keeps climbing.

What you see now is TPM based mainframes with lots of middleware systems acting as buffers to handle the requests without querying the mainframe.

Comment Re:WE need unions also why train your h1-b replamn (Score 1) 472

Not in California.

Unions are carving out Minimum Wage exemptions for their members, meaning they can be paid under the prevailing min. wage if the contract says so.

This will likely benefit the Unions with more memberships as business negotiate a lower wage and let the union in, but it screws the workers over.

Comment Re:Incompetent IT (Score 1) 239

I have consulted with a large airline, can't remember if they are #1 or #2 right now, and believe me, it is a very very complex system.

We were brought in to reduce the complexity and increase the resiliency in case of a disaster/failure.

The current environment, which is geographically paired mainframes with mid-range "helper" apps and data caches is about the best it can be.

Getting everything coordinated from meals ordered, drinks loaded, fuel, baggage, load balance plan, seating, payments, etc, is incredibly complex for a large airline.

Fuel saving from accurately tracking how much baggage is on board and not overstocking meals/drinks is significant, so while a PITA, it is worth it.

Comment Re:Insurance (Score 1) 239

I work with BCRS (Business Continuity and Resiliency Services ) at IBM on a regular basis as an IBM Cloud Architect.

ALL KINDS of companies have Recovery plans, but it sure is more likely in the industries you mentioned.

I know of at least one airline competitor that has multiple sites for their business, and came to IBM to get 2 more built because the current two were too close to comfort after Hurricane Sandy proved how large of an area a single disaster could impact.

Comment Re:Have a look at the MOTAT in Auckland New-Zealan (Score 1) 133

The SFBay Area has three to emulate/draw ideas from:

The Exploratorium: Practically grew up here as a kid. More of a STEM orientated, the key thing was it was all HANDS ON.

The Lawrence Hall of Science @ Berkeley. Another childhood hangout.

The Tech Museum in San Jose. Just took my 13 year old here, he is hard to please. Just turned him loose and he had a great time. 3d Printing, robotics, network simulations, build-a-plane flight mechanics. I enjoyed it too!

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