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Journal fuego451's Journal: Catastrophe!

All that my wife and I have been through over 39 years of being together, raising two children and watching our four grand children grow, we finally get to our retirement destination to have fun spending our remaining years together and doing all the things we've wanted to do, my wife becomes ill and we learn that she has inoperable cancer. This, in spite of good health practices and regular check-ups.

We are not without hope but the prospects don't look good. It appears that she has two cancers, lung for sure and she is showing high markers for breast and ovarian cancer which her doctors are still working on. Cancer has also moved to her bones from whatever the second cancer is. She begins radiation therapy this week and her doctors will develop an appropriate chemotherapy treatment when they determine the second cancer. All this has occurred in a matter of months.

I am absolutely devastated! Keep those that you love close and tell them that you love them every day.

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