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Journal Journal: Time moves on 1

[just some thoughts, I'll clean up later]
Well, it has been four years since my wife passed away. Still miss her so much. I am back on my feet financially after living paycheck to paycheck for a while. dying ain't cheap. Surprising how much effort it takes to keep a household, yard and family going and it often seem I have no time for myself.

I've been searching (not on-line) for a lady companion for several years but haven't found her yet. She'd be in her late 60's; single, divorced or widowed; college grad or really smart; retired and financially self sufficient, in good enough shape to kayak down a river or hike a 10 mile day trail; lover of science and learning and a geek. I've talked to lots of potential candidates...


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Journal Journal: My Beautiful Wife

My beautiful wife passed away just two weeks before our 38th wedding anniversary.

She fought her illness with courage and great strength but, toward the end, she saved what she had left for her family which she loved so much. Cancer had won nothing from her and she died peacefully with those who loved her at her side.

I miss her so much and this is very difficult for me but I have to go on, keep our little family together until it's my time, as she would want me to

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Journal Journal: Catastrophe!

All that my wife and I have been through over 39 years of being together, raising two children and watching our four grand children grow, we finally get to our retirement destination to have fun spending our remaining years together and doing all the things we've wanted to do, my wife becomes ill and we learn that she has inoperable cancer. This, in spite of good health practices and regular check-ups.

We are not without hope but the prospects don't look good. It appears that she has two cancers, lung for sure and she is showing high markers for breast and ovarian cancer which her doctors are still working on. Cancer has also moved to her bones from whatever the second cancer is. She begins radiation therapy this week and her doctors will develop an appropriate chemotherapy treatment when they determine the second cancer. All this has occurred in a matter of months.

I am absolutely devastated! Keep those that you love close and tell them that you love them every day.

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Journal Journal: Back in the water

Made my first surfing expedition in ten years down to Cherry Grove beach in SC. Conditions: Medium tide, strong north drag (current to others), a 20kt wind blowing out of the south, 3-4' swell.(to summarize: Victory At Sea) Equipment: 7'10" beach break board. Though I've kept myself in pretty good shape by running and walking, the paddle out was very difficult and I thought my arms were going to fall off. Of course, the conditions, short board and ten year break didn't help. Conclusions: I sucked! I've been surfing since 1953 but I looked like an absolute beginner out there. The first thing I'm going to do to remedy this is get a longer board better suited to my 63 year old body. Then I'll concentrate on having fun.

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Journal Journal: In the house

Moved in a few weeks ago and still in the process of getting our stuff straightened out. Our neighbors, a great bunch of folks, and our realtor have been very helpful in teaching us the intricacies of living in South Carolina. We live in Horry county (pronounced oo-ree, not whore-y) which was named after Lt.Col. Peter Horry of French Huguenot descent who fought in the American Revolution beside Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox". Lots of history here.

Been to the beach but haven't surfed yet as there hasn't been much in the Atlantic to generate a swell. Still not sure about surfing in Bull shark territory but, must surf! We've got alligators in the lakes and rivers as well.

After living in San Diego for 53 years I shouldn't have much problem with the millions of tourists that will invade Myrtle Beach shortly but still have to learn back roads, shortcuts and out of the way places for dining, shopping and entertainment.

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Journal Journal: Found a home.

Found a modest home in a new development in South Carolina. All the attributes of a small farm/business community with a beach twenty minutes away. Much like our old home in Broken Arrow, OK but with an ocean. If all goes well, we will be moving in later this month.

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Journal Journal: In NC.

Arrived in North Carolina without a hitch. Waiting for our stuff to arrive to be put into storage then off to the coast to look for a new home which will probably be our last as we find the whole moving thing to be very stressful. Deciding what to keep and what is junk is very difficult. We have friends older then us, we're in our 60's, that seem to move every few years and I don't know how they do it. Just wired differently, I suppose, or they have it down to a science from experience.

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Journal Journal: Moving Day

Well, after a ten year sidetrack in Oklahoma, my wife and I are moving to our original retirement destination on the east coast; somewhere in the greater Myrtle Beach SC/Wilmington NC area.

We are happy to be leaving Oklahoma but we leave behind many new friends, our daughter and three grand-children and the great neighborhood we lived in. I will miss our acre lot, the trees and garden I planted but not having to mow every four days in summer. I will finally be back to an ocean and the surfboard that has been hanging from the ceiling in my garage will be put to good use.


Journal Journal: Spam

Another big surge in spam today and the second or third in the last week. Spam on my cox and gmail accounts has increased three or four fold and I'm wondering if it's just me or if others are experiencing the same.

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